6 Winter Style Tricks No One Ever Taught You

You probably have a go-to winter uniform already. For some, that may be a chunky turtleneck sweater paired with jeans, a parka, and boots. For others, maybe that's a slim knit with a classic peacoat, wool skirt, tights, and heels. There's certainly nothing wrong with your favorite ensemble, but why not switch it up a bit the season? 

If you're looking for a more forward winter look and not sure exactly where to start, we're showcasing some of our favorite style tricks of the season you may not have thought about yet. While some of these tips are super easy to try with what you already have in your closet, a few may be more advanced if that's more your vibe.

Keep scrolling to check out the tricks the coolest fashion girls are testing out right now. Plus, shop winter must-haves, too. We promise there's something for everybody with what's coming ahead.

Wear a Puffer With Polished Separates

Puffers were traditionally reserved for commutes and off-duty life to stay warm, but this silhouette is currently the most forward outerwear silhouette. We suggest styling your favorite pick with more polished pieces like wide-leg trousers and heeled boots.


College Vintage

Shop puffers:

This silhouette (with the asymmetric collar) is so right now.

The simplest way to stay warm and look chic.

Layer a Turtleneck and Jacket Under a Coat

If you want a sleek yet chill layered look, follow this street style star's lead and pair your turtleneck (tucked in for a very 2016 feel) with a lightweight jacket and your coat or parka on top.


College Vintage

Shop turtlenecks:

Our fashion director lives in this sweater.

Tuck Your Joggers Into Your Boots

While cropped flares are clearly having a moment (and look ideal with a pair of gorgeous ankle boots), we're also totally down with the unexpected look of tucking a pair of on-trend joggers into a pair of pointed stiletto boots for a fresh and chill vibe.


College Vintage

Shop joggers:

Every fashion girl has these Vetements track pants.

It's no secret that velvet is legit everywhere right now.

Pair a Knit With a Chunky Sweater

Why wear one sweater when you can go for two? A lighter-weight sweater underneath a chunky (almost coat-like) sweater is incredibly fashion-forward—especially if you push up the sleeves of the chunky one to highlight the sleeves over the other style.


College Vintage

Shop knits:

Yes, this is as comfortable as it looks.

Imagine how cute this striped knit would look sticking out of a neutral chunky knit.

Incorporate a Denim Jacket Into Your Layers

It's no secret that a denim jacket is typically reserved for warmer spring and fall days, but the jacket style can actually be incredibly chic (and feel unique) in the winter layered under a sweaterdress, bomber, and classic topcoat.


College Vintage

Shop denim jackets:

The frayed bottom gives this jacket a current feel.

If you don't have a classic denim jacket in your closet, now is your chance.

Go for Tights and Socks With a Flowy Skirt

You may already wear tights with your favorite skirt, but you can give the overall vibe a new feel by also wearing ankle socks with the look and sneakers—cool and different for a night out.


College Vintage

Shop tights and socks:

Every woman needs a few pairs of classic opaque tights in her arsenal.

Try a black-and-white pair of socks with your black tights for a sleek vibe.

What unique winter styling trick do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

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