What to Buy From Zara If Your Vibe Is Sofia Richie But Your Budget Is $100

If you've been on the internet in the last two weeks, then you know about Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge's wedding—or, as the kids have dubbed it, their royal wedding. If you're an avid Who What Wear reader, then chances are it's been all you could think about ever since. The viral weekend rightfully stole the hearts of fashion people everywhere, spanning all ages, styles, and social media platforms. 

It's true. Whether you prefer to get your content from TikTok's For You page or Instagram's Reels, you couldn't escape the many, many videos breaking down her many, many outfits and what made them perfect. Whether it was the youthful elegance that drew you in or the modesty factor or the sheer excitement of it all, we've all been left with a new motto when it comes to getting dressed: WWSRGW. (What would Sofia Richie Grainge wear?)

While the answer to that question might often be Chanel, Khaite, or Proenza Schouler, her timeless style is attributed to much more than It brands and can be emulated on any budget. To prove it, I'm bringing you 29 under-$100 Zara finds that very much give off the same refined-chic vibes. Heard all you need to hear? Simply keep scrolling to get started.

This looks a lot like one of the dresses she wore over the course of her wedding weekend.

I'd suggest styling this exactly as shown—with a maxi skirt and flat sandals.

Take one look at her Instagram and you'll know our girl loves flat leather sandals.

The fact that this is marked down feels like a sign.

I love the rounded neckline and length of this.

Something we've learned through her recent foray into GRWM TikToks is that Richie is partial to statement earrings.

Maybe it's the black and white, but something about this feels so chic to me.

It was hard to choose between this jacket in black or white.

I would never guess this was $36.

Let me just say these do not look like $70 pants.

These minimal sandals will go with every outfit you wear this spring and summer.

This is one of my personal favorites.

I could see her pairing this with flowy trousers.

Slightly baggy but still polished is key.

I could see her wearing something like this on vacation.

A crisp linen shirt is crucial to any warm-weather wardrobe.

If you're looking for a set with low-key bridal vibes, this is it. Just don't forget the matching skirt!

These have the perfect toe shape.

Love the neckline, obsessed with the back.

This silhouette is very quiet luxury.

Swap this knit top for your white tee to instantly elevate any outfit.