I Found Under-$100 Items That Will Make Your Outfit Look Like $1000

Under-$100 Items That Look Expensive


The Style Stalker

As you've hopefully figured out by now, each week, I like to highlight all the coolest products found at one of my favorite affordable retailers of the moment. This week, I'm mixing it up by pulling together a little curation of a few of my favorite affordable retailers to bring you the most expensive-looking items I've found. Guess what? It just so happens that all the items I found are under $100. You're welcome. After reading this story, you'll see that looking like you're wearing a million bucks doesn't actually have to cost you a million bucks. Again, you're welcome.  

Ahead, you'll find not only the best under-$100 items of the moment but the ones that will take your outfit to new heights in the same way expensive investment pieces would. Want an ensemble that looks like it costs $1000 or more? Buy any of these very affordable items and you'll have exactly that. Scroll on down. You'll see. 

This blazer is quite possibly the easiest piece to dress up or down. 

Truly, these look so expensive. 

This denim shape always looks more polished than a pair of skinny jeans, IMO.

Finish off a tailored look with these naked shoes for an unexpected twist. 

Put a belt on this and call it a day.

Fun fact: Buttoning a cardigan all the way up makes it a top. 

This racing stripe just turned a pair of perfectly normal trousers into something worth getting excited over. 

Because every woman needs a black slip dress in her life. 

On trend yet extremely wearable. 

Pair this with sleek black trousers and the leather boots on the next slide for a foolproof look.

That pleat makes these look pricey. 

The kind of dress you'll have for years. 

This skirt is proof basics don't have to be boring. 

Adding these to even just a T-shirt will completely transform your look. 

This detailing is pure magic considering it's only $88.

You'll want the other colors too, I promise. 

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