8 Skinny-Jean Mistakes to Give Up Once and for All

Skinny jeans may be the most popular denim style, but the general consensus is that they're also the most difficult to wear and shop for. The fit and length generally need to be close to perfect, and because of their formfitting nature, they don't work with just any top or pair of shoes. That said, when you keep a few key styling and shopping rules in mind, we can guarantee that your future will be filled with flawless skinny-jean outfits.

In recent seasons, the stylish street style set has been stepping out in more straight-leg, cropped flare and other directional styles. Throughout the most recent fashion month, however, we were somewhat surprised to find that there was more skinny jean–wearing show attendees than usual. While we could speculate, we're thinking that the oversize blazers and slouchy boots that were everywhere (and happen to look the best with skinnies) may have had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, we seized the opportunity to reflect on what mistakes to avoid when it comes to skinny jeans.

Keep reading to find out the eight skinny-jean mistakes to give up once and for all, and then shop stylish pairs that will lead to many on-point outfits.

DON'T: Let a less-than-perfect fit elude you

DO: Throw on a cool belt


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DON'T: Try to stuff them into too-tight boots

DO: Invest in the slouchy boot trend


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DON'T: Get sloppy

DO: Add polish by tucking in a voluminous top


(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)

DON'T: Forgo cropped styles when wearing heels

DO: Elongate your legs by showing some ankle


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DON'T: Opt for tight-fitting tops

DO: Play with oversized proportions


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DON'T: Choose boring outerwear

DO: Show your personality with a cool coat


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DON'T: Only wear them with a T-shirt

DO: Think outside the box in terms of layering


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DON'T: Let skinny jeans bunch at the ankles

DO: Choose skinnies that skim the tops of your ankle boots


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Allyson Payer
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