10 Pieces That Will Instantly Make Your Butt Look Better

There's no denying that plenty of us want a butt that has a perky and shapely appearance. Now, we're not suggesting for a moment that you should change your posterior for anyone, however, like many women, we all want to make the most of the asset in question. Whether your bottom is flat, round, heart-shaped or positively bouncing around town, there are always tricks to make the most of it. All bottoms can be good bottoms, we say.


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In an effort to help you enhance and flatter your derrière—should you desire that niche life guidance—we've rounded (get it?) up a list of the tips that we know work without fail. Whether you're of the flatter variety, owner of a Kim Kardashian West–level booty, or are a delightfully middle-of-the-road knockout, click through to see our 10 pieces that will instantly make anyone's butt look better.

#1: Choose the right knickers

You know how if you don't wear the right kind of bra you end up getting that, erm, rather unattractive thing called a "uniboob"? Well, you can have the same thing happen with your behind if you don't wear the right kind of underwear. Ideally, you want to go for seamless styles that aren't too tight. Not only will your silhouette look better, but it's actually better for your health. According to Dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, knickers that are too tight can cause "chronic irritation and rubbing can cause abrasions that could go deep enough to cause darkening of the skin or permanent scarring." Enough said.

#2: Opt for High-waisted trousers or skirts

We're big fans of high-waisted trousers or skirts to enhance one's posterior. But why does it help to make your bottom look better? While there's more material covering the area, which draws attention to it, thanks to the cinching of the waist, it gives your bum a more rounded, tailored shape. Just be sure to opt for pieces that skim the body comfortably rather than cling too tightly or fall too loosely—this is all about clever shaping, no matter what your size or figure type.

#3: Pick the right fabric

Not everyone's as into tube dresses as much as the Kardashians. But they're definitely onto something when it comes to choosing the right figure-hugging and flattering fabrics. As we've told you before, Kim Kardashian West and little sister Kylie Jenner are big fans of the Enza Costa bodycon dresses. The label is L.A.-based and specialises in luxe jersey pieces, made from high-quality Supima cottons and silk blends. Supima cotton is 35% longer than regular cotton, which makes the fibre 45% stronger and considerably softer—meaning it hugs and smooths.

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#4: Don't wear anything that has lost its shape

We don't need to tell you that anything that's sagging and losing its shape isn't going to be flattering. Now, we won't tell you to chuck it away (they're great for doing housework in), but just don't wear it if you want to make your butt look its finest out and about.

#5: Belt loose-fitting shirts and dresses

Much like the rule about high-waisted pieces, the addition of a waist belt does wonders: Whether you've got a curvy body and want to highlight your smallest part (which, in turn, makes bottoms look better) or whether you're slim up-and-down and want to give the appearance of an hourglass figure, this one small addition is a no-brainer.

#6: Wear high heels

A lot has been said about high heels and how they can tone your bum better. There's no real evidence to say that they can actually alter your bottom, but they can make your butt look better immediately. According to Gad Saad, Ph.D., evolutionary behavioural scientist, "high heels raise the buttocks by around 20 to 30 degrees (depending on the size of the heel)." This gives the bum a more "youthful" perkier look and our wallets another excuse to go spending.

#7: Try out the new technology on offer

Thanks to the ever-changing and evolving sportswear market, there are more and more pieces available with incredible technology that can ingeniously nip and tuck, without the scary need for surgery. Case in point: compression leggings that not only help you tone better when you work out but also give your butt an immediate boost.

#8: Invest in this flattering shape

Who What Wear's Editorial Director Hannah Almassi advises that A-line skirts are more flattering (and on trend) than pencil skirts. If you're looking to give the illusion of a more rounded bottom, or you want to simply skim over a little, these don't cling to the bits you may feel self-conscious about, but they still put your bottom and waist centre stage.

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#9: Select the right kind of control-wear 

Spanx is totally fine if that's what you're keen on, but there are plenty of other options out there, too, with many tights—as well as control underwear—now offering built-in butt-lifting technology. This, of course, isn't an item to wear daily, but should you own a special-occasion dress or skirt that's particularly clingy or staticky, it's a great way to diffuse a problem. Wolford is the A-list's go-to, and after trying on various pieces from the brand, we'd have to agree that both the results and comfort-factor are second-to-none.

#10: Buy jeans that hug your bum

Not all jeans are made equal. Levi's iconic Wedgie Jeans are designed to give you just that: a wedgie. They're high-waisted (tick) and hug your bum (double tick) in the most appealing way. You will also find that many brands are tailoring vintage jeans in order to fit perfectly, so don't be afraid to consider tailoring your denim to perfection.

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