I'm Convinced This Accessory Completes Every Great Winter Look

Out of all the garments and accessories on offer, none seem to be so divisive as the humble hat. Ask anyone what their stance on them is and we guarantee they’ll sit in one of three camps: They’re a die-hard wearer who will try any style; they’ll wear one on occasion when the weather calls for it; or they’ve outright refused to wear them for years because they’re just “not a hat person.”

Types of Winter Hat Women: The baker boy cap has made a huge comeback



However, we’re of the opinion that people are too quick to brand themselves as such. In fact, with so many types of hats to be had, we promise there’s one to suit you whatever your style, face shape, budget or any other possible factor you think might be standing in the way. The big question: Which hats are best equipped for tackling the winter months? We’re glad you asked…

Of course, we can always rely on the default beanie, though there’s so much more accessory goodness to be had that will not only ensure you’re left looking chic but will also keep you cosy.

Keep scrolling to discover the types of winter hats women who appreciate fashion wear on repeat. Trust us—once you go hat, you’ll never go back…


Beanies have been back on the fashion map for several seasons now, but instead of the veiled styles that dominated the street style scene back in 2014, look for natty striped iterations or opt for a sweet pastel hue.


Berets are a favourite hat style amongst the fash pack, mainly because of their chic French-style connotations. For 2018, tartan seems to be trending, as are embellished styles, but you can never go wrong with a plain woollen style. I have a black style dotted with pearls that I wear when I want a little extra something.


Considering the ’70s has severed as major inspiration for the autumn/winter 2018 season, it’s no wonder the fedora’s popularity continues to climb. The key to making this hat work is by wearing it with wardrobe classics—think checked over-coats, straight-leg jeans and loafers. Anything fussy just won’t look right.


Hot on the heels of the beret is the baker boy hat. With a casual peak much like that of a baseball cap, they’re less daunting to wear than a fedora but arguably more directional than a simple beanie.


There’s no denying that this year has seen some of the most fabulous fur coats emerge, and it seems the trend is sneaking into hat territory, too. Loved by screen sirens in the ’40s, wear a Cossack hat with a camel coat and elegant heels to mimic the classic style.


Usually associated with summer, bucket hats are ideal for the winter months too, as their flared shape helps shield you in chilly downpours. Look for patent or nylon finishes to ensure they’re actually weather-proof.


If you’re one of those types who’s perpetually cold, the trapper hat is for you. Often shearling lined and with flaps that cover your ears and the back of your neck. It’ll also keep the rain at bay.