Move Over, Pearl Clip: These 4 Hair Accessories Are About to Blow Up

Hair accessory trends sure do change fast. The pearl clip has had a near year-long moment in the spotlight, but it looks like the tide may finally be turning to welcome some newness into the world of hair décor. Now that you've surveyed your closet and made the appropriate additions of fall 2019 clothing trends, it's time to do the same with the hair accessories that will lend a hand in bringing those looks to life.

From '90s-inspired headbands and clips to a colorful moment that might surprise you as we head into fall, these are the pieces we've seen ramping up all over Instagram with no signs of stopping. Check out the next wave of hair accessories you'll surely be seeing and shop the affordable finds to try them out yourself.

Jumbo Headbands

Headbands have come a long way since the last time they popped, circa Gossip Girl. Now, they're big, they're embellished, and they come in tons of textures, colors, and prints. We're still seeing them all over Instagram, so we expect these oversize crowns to stick around for a while.

Minimal Pins

Whether you need to fasten a loose tendril, or simply add a subtle adornment to your hair, metal pins are an excellent option. Their negative space effect adds an interesting element to any hairstyle.

Rainbow-Bright Barrettes

From Halsey's rainbow roots on the 2019 VMAs red carpet to the spiral of colorful clips we see Cardi B. sporting here, there's no denying that a boost of chromatic colors (and lots of them) will soften the blow of summer ending.

Bold Ties

Gone are the days of scrambling to find a hair tie that matches your strands. It's officially cool to wear a statement elastic that will stand out and have its very own moment within the rest of your ensemble.