This New Engagement Ring Trend Will Totally Surprise You

Turquoise engagement rings



I’m what you might call a planner. I plan in such detail, so far in advance that I have my wedding organized down to the color of my serviettes. I’ve even planned my own proposal (my boyfriend doesn’t know this—shhh). I know exactly where I want it to occur, what I hope to be doing at the time, and what I want him to say. If my S.O. doesn’t follow these strict guidelines, I may have to tell him to try again later.

In addition, while I have yet to decide which gemstone I do want on my engagement ring, I know what I don’t want: a diamond. As an aspiring “unconventional bride,” I’d prefer a ring that simultaneously defines me and reflects my personality. But even though I’m a lover of unconventional gemstones (whether they be black diamond, emerald or ruby), I was shocked when I heard the most recent bridal trend… turquoise engagement rings.

A bright, healing stone that happens to also be my birthstone, it’s a wonder I hadn’t thought of it before. Paired beautifully with gold, silver, or pearl accents, it’s a highly versatile gem that’s sure to set apart the bride upon whose finger it rests. In a world where every bridal trend seems overdone, the turquoise stone shines as one of the last remaining beacons of individuality.

For better or for worse, due to its very recent rise in popularity, it can still be challenging to spot this trend—and that’s where we come in. If you, like me, know what you want (or what you don’t want), continue reading for 20 of the most stunning and unique turquoise engagement rings on the market.

I think I’d be willing to make an exception for diamonds if they're beautifully paired with turquoise gems. 

This beautiful ring captures a vintage feel while still having a modern appeal. The best of both worlds. 

The best part about a turquoise gemstone is that is pairs beautifully with both gold and sterling silver. 

This ring is inspired by voyages across the sea, and it’s giving me dreamy Mediterranean vibes.

Is it just me, or does this ring seem fit for an Egyptian pharaoh—Cleopatra, perhaps?

The polished gemstone makes this ring feel particularly elegant. 

This stone reflects light and beauty the same way the sea reflects the sun. 

A perpetual sucker for a vintage-style ring, this is my favorite of all.

The color turquoise is associated with love, joy, and friendship, making this an ideal stone for an engagement ring. 

Topaz and turquoise stones are a match made in engagement heaven. 

The ideal ring for those looking for something simple and understated. 

This ring is called Sleeping Beauty, and that's exactly what it seems to be made for. A princess. 

File under: beautiful and affordable engagement rings under $500.

"Old World" could not be more accurate for this spectacular ring.

While the turquoise stone is not the star of the show, it adds the perfect touch to this engagement ring. 

Yes, this is an unconventional shape for an engagement ring, but turquoise is an unconventional stone. Go big or go home.

A true vintage ring from the 1900s, this is a rare find. 

BRB, saving this to my Pinterest engagement board for inspo.

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