Affordable Engagement Rings Do Exist—We Found the Best 25

If you've done any other perusing on the internet for engagement rings under $1000 (or better yet, $500), you've probably had a good laugh. The majority of the rings seem to made of cubic zirconia and are certain to leave skin green upon contact. Not quite the kind of memory we're looking for, if you know what I'm saying. What we are looking for is something elegant: something that speaks to our personality and won't break the bank. Is that too much to ask? Bridal stress can be daunting, but it shouldn't start with the proposal!

The trick when seeking a budget-friendly engagement ring is to not search for an engagement ring at all. With engagement rings, prices are often marked up, as retailers know that brides-to-be (or nervous grooms-to-be) are willing to pay a premium. There is, however, a plethora of stunning rings that fit the bill—they're just filed under categories like demi-fine jewelry. While comic relief is enjoyable, it's even more enjoyable to find the perfect loop to slip around your finger and wear for a lifetime.

That's why we've rounded up 25 of the most beautiful engagement rings under $1000 (even if they're not listed as engagement rings).

The beautiful combination of a pearl and diamond uniquely elevates this simple band. 

The solo diamond setting makes this the ideal engagement ring.

If you're looking for a band style, this 360-degree line of pavé diamonds sets this ring apart.

Nearly indistinguishable from a diamond, an alternative gemstone such as topaz can often help you choose a larger stone setting (more bang for your buck!).

With a gold disc surrounded by pavé diamonds, this ring is an eye-catching inversion from your typical engagement ring. 

Black diamond engagement rings are all the rage with brides looking to differentiate themselves, and black onyx is an affordable alternative.

This ring really looks like it was made for a princess.

The vintage-inspired halo setting of this ring is a classic choice for the boho bride.

Why have one diamond when you could have three?

Simulated facet diamonds are another excellent way to ensure all of the sparkle with less spending.

Swarovski clearly knows how to do romance.

The name of the line, Kintsugi, is named after the Japanese art of piecing back together broken pottery. This celebration of imperfection is beautifully reflected in this whimsical design of the band. 

This diamond has an east-west setting, because you know exactly what direction your marriage is going. 

Despite what the name implies, this stunning ring can confidently stand alone.

Look closely and you will see that the center diamond is not in fact one large square cut, but nine smaller diamonds—this subtly elegant touch is enough to make anyone look twice.

A teardrop-style engagement ring is a personal favorite. 

This is a solo diamond setting's rebellious sister who went out and got herself a beaded band boyfriend. 

Certainly not a typical engagement ring, the pierced drop diamond is so extravagant and stunning that I had to include it. You can thank me later. 

Sapphire is another beautiful alternative gemstone if you're looking for something other than a diamond.

A pavé diamond band is an engagement classic.

Diamond, or not? It's hard to tell, but this is a topaz stone with all the glitz and glam of a diamond. Plus, it's called "I Want You," which seems oddly fitting for an engagement ring.

At such a significant reduction, this glittering diamond-encrusted band is a steal—perfect for a soon-to-be bride.

A stunning alternative to a diamond or any kind of gem stone is a pearl. This attention-grabbing setting has a vintage and boho feel.

Diamonds, black onyx, and silver—oh my! 

I can't get over the stunning setting of the pearl and diamonds in this ring.