7 Shopping Habits to Ditch by Age 30 If You Want to Shop Smarter

We’re all guilty of making a ridiculously out-of-budget purchase or shopping a little too often for thrifty thrills, but as we’re all getting older, we figure we might as well work on getting a little wiser, too. In this spirit, we went ahead and rounded up the common shopping patterns that might be holding you back. From something as simple as your choice in denim to knowing when and where to start investing in a long-lasting wardrobe, read up on the habits to ditch if you want to shop smarter in your 30s and beyond. Scroll down to see if you’re guilty of any and to check out our solutions.

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1. Going Over Your Budget

News flash: You might tell yourself you’re going to eat ramen for the next month to afford that purse, but that won’t happen. Trust us. We’ve tried it enough times to know. Here’s our guide to what you should be spending on clothes.

Instead, find smart ways to stay on budget, like shopping discount sites such as The Outnet:

2. Shopping Exclusively at Fast-Fashion Stores

Here’s what happens when you continually replenish your closet solely from fast-fashion stores: You’ll be pleased with the new additions for a month or two but then have to start shopping all over again once the trendy items don’t feel quite so current.

3.  Buying the Same Items You Wore When You Were Younger

It's easy to stick to the same tried-and-true pieces you've loved for years, but there's a chance the items you're relying on are keeping you from branching out. Here are some suggestions if you're looking to elevate your style in your 30s. 

4. Buying a New Outfit for Every Event

You likely have a packed social calendar, and if you use every invitation as an excuse to go shopping, you might soon have an empty bank account and a closet full of worn-once dresses.

Instead, shop your closet or try a rental service like Rent the Runway:

5. Buying With the Intention to Return

If you buy something you kind of like with the mentality of "I can always return it," it probably means it's not for you.

Instead, purchase only pieces you'll love long-term, like these bags:

6. Buying Items That Don't Fit

Be wary of any purchase that comes with this thought: “Sure, it’s a little tight, but this will motivate me to get in shape.”

Instead, buy items that you feel comfortable and confident in now:

7. Buying an Item Without an Occasion to Wear It

We hate to break it to you, but that invitation for that black-tie gala might never arrive, so maybe pass on that gorgeous beaded gown.

Instead, buy items only when you have a place in mind to wear them, like this jumpsuit for work or the weekend:

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