10 Items to Ditch Before You Move to a New City

Moving to a new city is overwhelming in more ways than one. Between fearing the unknown, making new friends, and of course packing, if there's any way to make the journey a seamless one, you should probably consider partaking. Decluttering your closet before your packing even begins is a great place to start.

Ahead, we've gone through and listed the 10 things you should part with before moving to a new city. While some of the items below will seem obvious, others might require a bit of encouragement as far as the ditching goes. Along the way, enjoy shopping selections for each category, in case you simply need to replace some of the rundown pieces we encourage you to part ways with.

decluttering before moving


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Old Pajamas

It's time to toss all those pajama sets you never wear, oversize sleep shirts you're embarrassed to be seen in, and sleepwear items you've somehow kept around since high school. Instead, invest in pajamas that will help make your new house feel like home.

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Worn-Down Lingerie

We all have bras sitting in the back of our underwear drawers that we haven't worn in years. Now is the time to throw them out, along with any other worn-down undergarments, that are crowding your nicer pieces.

Scuffed Shoes

Dirty sneakers, scuffed boots, and tarnished straps are all signs that those shoes need to go. If you don't feel 100% wearing them now, you definitely won't be excited to put them on in your new home.

Random T-Shirts

I don't know about you, but my T-shirt drawer is constantly overflowing with random concert tees, a collection of whites, and a few shirts from college that I keep for the memories. An excess of anything is never a good idea, so toss the ones you never wear; otherwise, your new dresser is in for a rude awakening.

Bags You Never Carry

Those handbags you keep for special occasions but really never wear? Give them away. Investment bags you can style with endless outfits are all you'll need to bring with you this time. 

Fancy Dresses You've Only Worn Once

Special occasions always call for a "new dress" that you wear once and then keep somewhere in the back of your closet. Instead of lugging those all with you during your move, put them in storage. Only pack the dresses that can do it all, like a classic slip dress and that timeless LBD.

Mismatched Socks

A sock drawer is basically a graveyard for socks that have lost their lovers. Paired-up socks are the only ones that you need to bring with you, no matter how much you believe that a missing one will magically turn up one day.

Jeans That Don't Fit

Your "skinny" jeans are another item in your wardrobe that you need to pack. Instead, bring the jeans that make you feel good right now. 

Tarnished Jewelry

There's nothing wrong with buying cheap jewelry, but once it's tarnished, it's got to go. Before your move is a good time to invest in pieces that will last a little longer and that you can wear with anything, like a simple chain and gold hoops.

Anything With Rips or Holes

This might sound like a no-brainer, but we are all guilty of keeping those pieces that have a small hole or tear that we swear we're going to get fixed. If you've been telling yourself that for a year, you're not suddenly going to take it in after you've moved.