I Mixed Two Perfumes Together and Accidentally Created the Bougiest Summer Scent



I recently developed a deep appreciation for sweet scents. Despite having been a hardcore devotee of woody, more masculine scents for most of my adult life, the singer Rihanna inspired me to branch out. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with the decision to expand my repertoire of rich-smelling perfumes. In preparation for summer, though, I've been feeling a pull toward my old, familiar scent habits. I've been craving something crisp and fresh that just exudes warm weather realness. Instantly, Tom Ford's Costa Azzurra ($134) comes to mind.

I bought this decadent scent as a gift for my fiancé years ago, but I've been known to steal spritzes of it for myself. There's something about its notes of juniper, herbs, green notes, oak, and warm woods that remind me of Ryan Gosling's character from Crazy, Stupid, Love. I just imagine suave men that may or may not return your texts calling it their signature. (You know the type.) I've always loved how this sparkling nectar gives me a little boost of Kris Jenner–level confidence, too. It makes me want to throw on an all-black outfit and crush some business deals. It's just sexy.

Still, my new nose for sweeter, softer scents left me feeling like something was missing from this forever favorite. A little hint of something more feminine could really punch things up. Then it came to me: I needed to add some tuberose.

I Mixed Two Perfumes Together and Accidentally Created the Bougiest Summer Scent



In case you're not familiar with tuberose, I can only describe it as a super-fragrant floral note that makes its presence known no matter what. It's a white flower, similar to jasmine, orange blossom, and gardenia that smells creamy, powdery, and slightly musky as opposed to fresh or fruity like other types of florals. In a past life, I would have found tuberose cloying. But now, I find it incredibly sultry and sophisticated.

So off to my vanity I went to dig through my fragrance collection and find the perfect tuberose-laced scent to combine with the zingy, masculine goodness of Costa Azzurra. A Tom Ford option I had yet to open, Tubéreuse Nue ($350), jumped out at me. I'm not shy about layering fragrances, so I spritzed away, making sure both scents were equally represented on my skin. The result? The perfect balance between a fresh, woody, citrus scent with the perfect amount of powdery floral woven in for good measure.

This instinctual creation was a pure stroke of luck and I'm not exaggerating when I say sniffing my wrist made my head fall backward and my eyes roll to the back of my skull in utter delight. This mix will be my go-to all summer. It instantly conjured the immaculate vibe of laying out by the pool in my favorite swimsuit and an oversized straw hat. To make sure this wasn't just a fluke, I've been pairing Tubéreuse Nue with other scents like Juicy Couture Oui Splash ($85) and Atelier Cologne Lemon Island ($80). It's been a rousing success every single time.

I'm not a professional perfumer, but I'm comfortable asserting that tuberose perfumes are the best ones to layer when you want to add a feminine touch to your herby, woody, or citrus scents. And if you're already a fan of super-sweet florals? They're perfect on their own. Keep scrolling ahead for more tuberose perfumes that will keep you smelling your best this summer and all year round. 

Shop More Tuberose Perfumes

This set was created for mixing and matching. It comes with mini versions of Ellis Brroklyn's three most beloved scents, along with three individual notes to create your perfect, custom smell. Among the three individual notes included? The aroma of the hour, tuberose.

Key fragrance notes: Grapefruit, white pepper, papyrus accord, patchouli leaves, tuberose absolute, jasmine sambac petals, amber wood, oak moss

If there's anyone who would know how to craft the most intoxicating floral perfume, it's iconic florist Eric Buterbaugh. 

Key fragrance notes: Tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine

This musky scent is rich and complex. 

Key fragrance notes: Orange blossom, tuberose, vanilla

This pretty perfume is ultra feminine. It starts fresh but melts down to a sultry, warm scent.

Key fragrance notes: Ginger, tuberose, sandalwood

This floral scent is on the spicier side, but it's still perfectly powdery and sweet. 

15 Tuberose Perfumes to Try



Key fragrance notes: Rose, tuberose, jasmine

This one is an electric orchestra of florals that you'll absolutely love.

Key fragrance notes: Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, marine accord

This is the first fragrance that comes to mind when considering classic tuberose scents.

Key fragrance notes: Orange blossom, ethereal tuberose, white rose

This clean fragrance is stacked with all the best floral notes.

Key fragrance notes: Tuberose, neroli, orange flower, jasmine

This scent was actually inspired by the vast tuberose fields in India.

Key fragrance notes: Tuberose, mandarin, bergamot, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla

And here's a slightly deeper version that's more suitable for date night.

Key fragrance notes: Mandarin, pink pepper, angelica root, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, amber wood, cedarwood, sandalwood

This one perfectly combines white florals with spicy green notes.

Key fragrance notes: Green aquatic, ylang-ylang, jasmine absolute, orange blossom absolute, tuberose absolute, coconut, white musks cocktail

Here's an expertly crafted fragrance from the Editions de Parfums portfolio you'll want to sniff. It's a pretty, sophisticated blend of fragrant white flowers, coconut, and musks. Just heavenly.

Key fragrance notes: Freesia, jasmine, tuberose, rose, peach, cedarwood, oakmoss

There couldn't be a more appropriate name for this gorgeous floral perfume.

Key fragrance notes: Wild gardenia, black plum, carnation, Indian tuberose, palissandre wood, honey

It doesn't get dreamier than this.

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