It’s Too Cold For Sandals and Too Hot For Boots—These 23 Shoes Are Just Right

At this point, I'm sure my feet will scream at me if I dare squeeze them into another pair of boots. While cold weather feels like torture on my bones, I always feel pure adulterated joy when boot season rolls around–I can't resist a trendy boot! By the end of January however, with all of the pushing and prodding into what feels like a shoe prison, my feet start to sing another tune. Thankfully we're in the home stretch of winter, which means plenty of beautiful sandals soon coming our way, but let's not forget that just because it's spring that doesn't immediately usher in blazing, sandal-ready temperatures.

For that too-cold-for-sandals-and-too-hot-for-boots type of weather, shoes like mules, flats, and loafers will be your savior. Square-toe ballet flats and chunky-soled lace-ups are two big trending styles we've been seeing a lot of lately, and they also happen to be perfect candidates for that weird in-between weather. Can't wait to get your sandal fix in yet? We love a clog mule to spice things up–just add socks for increased coziness. From next level flats to dad-inspired chukas, these shoes will scratch the sandals itch, while you eagerly await the warm side of spring. 



Handmade in Spain, you can expect amazing quality from Hereu.

We predict 2021 will be yet another year of the Birkenstock-can't say we didn't warn you. 

The square toe adds a fun spin.

These have a cool menswear vibe that would pair nicely with baggy trousers. 

To keep your feet from getting cold, just add wool socks and voilà!



The classic style has been making a comeback on fashion Instagram.

If you're afraid of clogs looking too gorpy, go for sleek elevated details like studs or big metal buckles.

Add a pair of cropped jeans and a fluffy turtleneck, and you have a look.

Heeled zebra clogs for a little height.

Loafers will always be a classic. Try them in white for a fresh style approach. 



Chunky derbies are a huge trend we don't see winding down anytime soon.

The v-front silhouette feels super modern.

These would look amazing with a pair of cream pants.

An under $100 find that looks way more expensive.

Take a cue from Everlane's styling and add a pair of black socks for that cool grandpa look. 

Because you can never have too many clogs.



I just bought these so you can't get a bigger endorsement than that.

Clogs are surprisingly versatile–whether you wear them with dresses in the summer or long pants and socks in the winter, they're a smart investment. 

Lime green is surely one way to get noticed (and have a little styling fun).

A french-girl favorite.

Given their somewhat reasonable price (considering they're Fendi of course!) we expect these to sell out quickly.

Looking to add another loafer to your collection? Why not try this quirky sling-back version. 

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