The Cool-Girl Sneakers to Buy If You Don't Want to *Cough* Look Like Everyone Else

a woman in blue sneakers

(Image credit: @cazevedor)

Chasing the next It sneaker style is an elusive sport. Dunks and Sambas are recent styles to have hit the zeitgeist, but not all trendy sneakers have come to dominate the fashion conversation. Some styles, while garnering buzz, still manage to fly under the radar, serving as an IYKYK indicator among a select group of stylish dressers. Over time, sneakers have become the de facto footwear choice, a valid option for styling with work and party ensembles and not just your comfy weekend uniform of jeans and a white tee. The sneakers you choose have the power to transform what you're wearing, so don't underestimate these comfy shoes when you're getting dressed.

If your ideal sneaker style is something sleek and minimal, I'd suggest looking to labels like Lemaire or Toteme for understated options. If you're all for fun colors and textures, classic brands like Onitsuka Tiger and Puma have new offerings that will make you feel unique the moment you slide them on. Then, there are a number of emerging labels that have yet to become household names but are offering designs you'll start spotting everywhere once you know them. Saye is one of my favorite recent discoveries thanks to its geometric designs and bold colors. If you want to avoid any overly trendy sneakers but still opt for something cool, these are my recommendations.

Ahead, shop a lineup of cool shoes that will be sure to garner plenty of attention without feeling tired a few months down the line.

Aemilia Madden