22 Shoes So Good Nordstrom Can Barely Keep Them in Stock

Trendy shoes at Nordstrom



Here's a shocker to no one: I'm a frequent Nordstrom shopper. During my weekly—often daily—visits to the retailer's site to shop for products I want to feature in my stories (or even treat myself to for a little wardrobe update), I've become well-acquainted with their shoe section. So well-acquainted, I might add, that I tend to notice when the stock starts to dwindle on certain pairs or when they sell out entirely. I decided to put all my knowledge of these popular and trendy shoes at Nordstrom to work in this roundup. To no surprise, they all happened to be the ones that come highly rated by Nordstrom shoppers, proving that they really are quite versatile and—above all—affordable.

You might even recognize a few of the slides, sandals, and sneakers you see here since I also have intel that many WWW readers have bought them, too. The order histories and amazing reviews don't lie. These 22 pairs are the real deal. But don't just take my word for it—scroll through the list to discover them all and then click in to read the reviews. You might just find yourself so inclined to place an order, too. Happy scrolling (and shopping)!


Trendy sandals at Nordstrom



We went ahead and made the perfect modern gladiator. You can thank us later.

Everyone and their mother bought these affordable slides for summer, and something tells me you're about to join them.

These are just the right amount of trendy to amp up all your summer outfits.

Birkenstock outfits



Nordstrom shoppers also adore this elevated version of the classic Birkenstock slides.

This mid-heel height is just right.

It doesn't get any more classic than these trend-proof slides.

The wooden block heel makes this pair into a work of art.

From the walkable heel to the square toe, these are the kind of sandals you'll wear on repeat.


Trendy sneakers at Nordstrom



I know AF1s have always been well-loved in the sneaker world, but I've noticed more and more fashion girls wearing them now, too.

If Nordstrom isn't one of your sources for the coolest sneakers out there, it should be. But be warned: the exclusive styles like this sell out just as quickly as they're stocked.

If you're looking for a forever pair of white sneakers, this is it.



Models and celebs have always loved these high tops, and they always will.

French, sustainable, and very chic—oh, and Megan Markle–approved.

Nordstrom shoppers clamor over these popular athletic sneakers for running and training.

It doesn't get any cooler than these Vans.


Trendy flats at Nordstrom



Opinion: Everyone should own a solid pair of black loafers.

Good luck choosing between all the chic color options these come in.

Madewell does it again with their classic shoe selection.

More polished than sneakers and more comfortable than heels.