We Asked Our WWW Readers What Fashion Items Are Sparking Joy for Them Right Now



There's no doubt our lives have all been affected in some way or another due to the current circumstances—with concerns both big (childcare, income, elderly parents, loneliness) and small (no haircuts or manicures) looming large. It's the little things we're looking to in order to uplift us right now—from a great Netflix show to baking banana bread to putting on a statement pair of earrings with our sweats.

While we editors continue to provide you with the best in fashion news and shopping (knowing a little lighthearted distraction can be helpful), we have also been curious to see what fashion and beauty items are sparking joy among you—our Who What Wear readers and community. I reached out on our social media channels and did some digging. From bold lipsticks to tie-dye sweatpants, scroll below as we share the fashion picks our community is wearing, shopping, and loving right now. Stay safe, everyone!

"Putting on my everyday jewelry makes me feel put together and more like myself! Earrings, rings, and necklaces even if I'm just wearing them with a sweatsuit. Plus, it dresses up the sweats a bit too!" — Allison O' Brien

"I was with my family in Arizona when COVID-19 hit New York really badly, and I decided to stay out here, but my March wardrobe quickly became a bit too warm for local conditions. I ordered a few versatile pieces that are comfortable to hang out in all day but aren't literally pajamas, and this one is my absolute favorite. The neckline is polished and appropriate for video calls, and it's easy to dress up or down." — Kate Winick

"Bold, colorful and comfortable florals. These pants from H&M make me smile every time I put them on. Unfortunately, they do have to go in the washer occasionally!"

"I set simple goals for myself for the day. Usually, that includes making sure I get out of my PJs, even if it's only into sweatpants." — Rachel Gardner

"I've been wearing statement earrings around the house. Mostly with sweatshirts and jeans, but it makes me feel like I'm putting in some sort of effort." — Yurie Okada L'Orange

"Anything beautiful and bright!" — Beth Swanson

"Everything related to skincare and summer dresses." — Elini Gavriil

"My Les Mills edition Reebok sneakers. Super comfy for at home workouts." — Athaliah McGee

"My signature shade of lipstick—Charlotte Tilbury's Tell Laura. I realize I'm cheesy for having my favorite lipstick have my name in it, but it's absolutely perfect! A bright, wearable red. I'm also loving wearing pieces from my vintage jewelry collection."

"I recently bought the Hawley leather shearling coat from All Saints which I had planned to wear in Europe in the fall and in NYC in winter but it doesn't look like it's going to happen so I've just been staring at it in my closet. I don't regret buying it (even if I live in a tropical country). It's there to remind me that I will get to wear it someday and it gives me hope for future travels." — Gigi Varua

"When I work out at home, I love to wear my Lululemons or Alo leggings and a sports bra. I usually wear a shirt when I work out, but since I'm at home, I feel comfortable just wearing my bra!"

"Fun matchy-matchy undergarments!" — Lauren-Danae Karcher

"I found the kaftans I bought in Egypt and Morocco and am loving them! Some are colorful and others plain, but they remind me of travels and they are comfortable." — Danielle Moaghan

"Matching loungewear sets! Tie-dye especially." — Brittli Elizabeth Wallace

"Pretty much been living in this set from Eberjey!" — McKenzie Walden

"I’m looking for cozy jumpsuits. An easy outfit that still makes me feel put-together even with very little effort." — Jamie Reed

"Skims bandeau bra is heaven. It feels great up against my skin and actually stays in place, which, as a C-cup gal, is just unheard of for bandeau bras." — Supriya Satpanthy

"Colorful headwraps and earrings. I've noticed they bring lots of joy to both me and the folks I'm video conferencing with all day."

"I love wearing my statement earrings or my vintage Chanel pearls—even when I'm home all day!" — Maria Olsen

"New Nike for Peleton compression leggings, as I am living in workout gear." — Laurie Walegir

"I just bought a bunch of new bras and panties. Decided I needed some bras that were not underwire! I know a lot of ladies are enjoying the 'no bra' thing… I just can't do it. My undergarments keep me feeling sexy in a crazy world!" — Lisa Mimler Mariscal

"Colorful, puff-sleeved blouses." — Megan Zylstra

"I work in a pretty conservative office so I have loved this time to experiment with fun nail colors." — Kendall Nance Glavash

"I like to still do my makeup even while in the house. I'm doing my nails for the first time myself (I need to keep polish on, as it makes me happy) and I'm opting to wear fun bead bracelets." — Meredith Kleinhaus Vogel

"I've been looking at nail polish color trends for the summer at the moment and have 10 in my Amazon cart. Now is the time to perfect my own manicure!" — Morgan Laffey 

"Everything from For Days! Its T-shirts are particularly great." — Caroline Teck

"Nails and boilersuits!" — Raani Ahluwalia

"Golde pure greens face mask three times a week!" — Amanda Sicher 

"Flowy, flowery spring dresses!" — Nadia Ahsan Laghari

"Putting on jeans every day to work from home has done wonders (wonders!) for my mental health. It feels like I've put on 'real' clothes, so I can start a 'real' day." — Shayan Mirzahaider

"Fun accessories that make for great photo ops like a clear bag or a unique pair of sunnies. All the gold jewelry too!" — Mackenzie Heath

"Brunette the Label sweatshirts! Such an amazing female-founded company with a great message and even better products." — Emilie Grace

"The new shoes I ordered are sparking joy! I just got a pair of Reebok sneakers that have 'It's a Man's World' crossed out on the heel of the shoe as well as a new pair of snakeskin booties. I also got a new pair of overalls that go great with both pairs of shoes." – Abi Sparks

"Some glitter eyeliner on the lower lash line does the trick for me! Even when I'm only wearing mascara, say for a Zoom call or a quick grocery run, it makes me feel extra and reminds me of the intricate makeup looks I'd wear when going out in the city." — Ana Popociciu

"I bought an amazing trench coat this spring that instantly makes any outfit look street-chic. While I've only been able to wear it a couple of times, just knowing it's hanging in my closet feels fantastic." — Alexa Kato

"My vintage white slip/nightgown with an amazing lace sweetheart neckline!" — Jamie Zimmermann

"It has been raining where I am, so I bought this Ilse Jacobsen raincoat. It makes me so happy because it's transparent (and that makes me smile) and because I can go out with our pup in the rain without getting wet!" — Kelly Gareipy

"I have had the time to focus on searching for unique items that I love. I've been using Etsy to look for vintage handbags/accessories in particular." — Hannah Hill

"Fun earrings. They're the easiest accessory to show off over Zoom calls!" — Sadie Ross Jess