The Top Trends to Retire in 2018


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In today's ever-changing fashion environment, keeping track of trends can be hard. It seems like every minute there's something new "in," style and what you thought was cool is suddenly out. Add the pressure of an entire new year and the idea of staying on top of your game can seem impossible. So in honor of 2018's impending arrival, we reached out to Melissa Moylan, VP of creative for womenswear at trend-forecasting company Fashion Snoops, to give us the inside scoop on which trends are on the rise (and on the decline) this coming year. So whether you're in the mood for a closet cleanse, a shopping spree, or both, you'll want to read this first.

Scroll through for Moylan's handy guide to what to adopt and retire in the hear ahead and, of course, shop our picks of what's in style!