6 Trends Fashion Stylists Would Never Wear (And What They Would)


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Fashion's sphere of influence is always overflowing with stylists, editors, and brand campaigns forecasting up-and-coming trends, as well as reminding us what is currently the It thing to wear. It's always inspiring and interesting to see what's derived from the runway and interpreted to the streets, but what's trending and what stylists actually wear are two very different things. Because as much as we love to imagine a world where everyone feels confident enough to wear naked pants, or boots that quite literally go so far up the body they pass up as pants, it's just not realistic, nor personal.

After assessing the likelihood of what winter fashion trends will be making their way into my daily rotation, I decided to check in with five other stylists to ask them what trends will they be avoiding and what they're excited to wear. I was really curious to learn how other women of influence were considering the trends compared to their personal style. So is it a case of, “do as i say, not as i do”? We get personal on what trends make stylists happy.

Keep scrolling to see what trends stylists are avoiding and what they're excited to wear this winter.

Offbeat Tailoring > Eighties

"You wouldn't normally ever catch me in anything too girly or femme, unless it's with denim or leatherI'm too much of a tomboy at heart to feel at home in anything super frou-frou or anything remotely '80s. It's the least referenced era of fashion for a reason!

"I'm deep in a '90s Helmut Lang/Jil Sander minimal layering moment right now, so I'm loving all the offbeat tailoring coming through from Monse and Beaufille in particularthink classic shapes turned on their head in mismatched fabrics and asymmetric cuts. It looks complicated but it's actually the breeziest way to dressI prefer pieces that do all the hard work for me so I can throw it on and run (quite literally, usually!) without too much styling trickery required."—Emma Read, acting fashion director at Cosmopolitan Australia

Robe Coat > Tracksuit Pants

"I'm not loving the tracksuit pant. This trend is something that I can't bring myself to try (maybe because I associate tracksuit pants with no bra and Netflix). Although most bloggers seem to be able to effortlessly pull this look off, I end up looking like I've given up on life!

"The trend I'm loving is the robe coat. As much as I would love to wear my actual bathrobe all day, it doesn't give you much street cred. The best coats are lightweight fabrics that are great for layering over a jumper or polo neck (although I'm still leaving my satin one at home). Paired with trainers or heels, it's an instant outfit updater. Also, this trend can take you all the way through to spring, Its super trans-seasonal."—Leda Ross, fashion stylist

Relaxed Coat > Puffer Jacket

"This season I'm going to pass on the puffer jacket coat trend—I've tried to give it a go, but I'm a skier, and as soon as I slipped my arms into a puffer, I felt like I was headed for the slopes. Instead, I'm wearing soft, relaxed coats that I can comfortably get around in all day."—Amanda Stavropoulos, fashion editor at Who What Wear Australia 

Power Suit > Body Con

"My personal style is quite classic, so when it comes to trends I stay clear of anything over the top. A trend that you will never see me in would have to be any body con (dresses, crop, and skirt combos scare me). A trend that I'm loving though is a power suitthink a Saint Laurent vibeas well as gender-less fashion inspired by Vetements."—Jess Pecoraro, freelance fashion stylist

Crisp Linen > Slogans

"A current trend that I am disliking is the slogan trend, for example the Gucci T-shirts and sweaters, or anything with the designers names made obvious. I prefer to be understated and if that means people don't know the clothes I'm wearing are designer, then so be it. I'm excited to wear all of the crispy linens from Albus Lumen in the new season's resort collections."—Emma Kalfus, freelance stylist/contributing fashion editor at Elle Australia

Silk Robes > Skinny Jeans

"I'll be staying clear from high-waisted skinny jeans. While I love the look of this on others, I stay clear because I find tight jeans, especially around my waist, uncomfortable. I would much prefer to wear a relaxed, boyfriend style jean that sits at the hip. 

"I'm excited to wear the silk robe trend. Made popular by Italian It girls Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio and their brand Attico, it extends on the pyjama trend in a more feminine way."Lara Burnell, fashion writer and producer at Who What Wear Australia

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