5 Places to Travel for Summer 2018—and What to Pack

If you’re anything like us, your thoughts are probably consumed with upcoming summer vacation and just where you’ll be traveling this year. This editor still hasn’t pulled the trigger on booking a trip anywhere quite yet, but with summer fast approaching, I’ve realized that it’s about time to lock it down. Since I’m still trying to zero in on exactly where to go, I enlisted the help of MyDomaine’s senior editor and resident travel expert, Sophie Miura.

Not only has she been to 26 (!) countries in Europe but it’s her job to know what’s cool and new in the world of travel. Ahead, Miura is breaking down all the best places to travel this summer, including the number one prediction for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal honeymoon destination. And since putting together my packing list is the first thing I do when planning a trip, I’m breaking down the perfect outfits to throw in your suitcase for each location.