The Top 8 Zara Items of 2017

Each year, Zara churns out a handful of items that just stick with its consumers (aka fashion girls). Thanks to social media, realizing which items beat out all the rest is actually quite simple due to the overwhelming amount of fashion girls who love Zara. 

Ahead, we've narrowed down the most popular Zara items of 2017 to eight key pieces. These items were chosen based on the frequency of which we saw said items throughout the year. Whether you remember them on your favorite blogger, in your best friend's closet, or as part of your coworkers' go-to uniform, there is no denying you'll recognize at least one of these pieces. Chances are you probably own a majority of the items listed too. 

Go on to see which eight Zara items were most popular in 2017, then shop the brand's trending items.

1. Gingham Camisole 

Last year it was the chambray minidress, and this year it was this checked camisole. Chances are you and five of your closest friends owned one at some point this year. 

2. Pom-Pom Basket Bag

Basket bags were trending off the charts this year, and this chic pom-pom-adorned woven tote won the hearts of bloggers and fashion girls everywhere (according to their Instagram feeds). 

3. Checked Picnic Skirt

Picnic tables gained major street cred this year—thanks to Zara's infamous checked skirt. Everything from the buttons to the pattern to the ruffled hem made this skirt easy street style bait.



4. Poplin Wrap Dress

The second Emily Ratajkowski flaunted this breezy dress all over her Instagram account (while on vacation in Italy), it sold out. And we weren't surprised one bit. After that, our feeds were flooded with snaps of this cool-girl dress.



5. Furry Handbag

When the cooler months arrived, Zara's extremely soft and extremely lovable furry handbag won the hearts of many. Whether it was used for as a still-life prop or worn to offset a simple outfit, this bag did just the trick. 

6. Checked Blazer

If you know Zara, you know the best things sell out at lightning speed, and this blazer was no exception. At the Who What Wear office alone, there were at least five women who owned this blazer.



7. Satin Knot Slides

The It sandals of the summer season were these Zara satin slides, hands down. Every fashion girl slid into these golden beauties on their tropical vacations and took enough Instagram photos to prove it.

8. Legging Trousers

It's no secret that we love leggings here at Who What Wear. Although, legging trousers are a step above the rest. These checked bad boys graced models, celebrities, and fashion girls alike immediately upon drop. 

Shop Zara pieces that are currently trending:

You have to check out the cute bow on the back.

We'll be wearing these with glitter socks all season long.

Because you can never have too many checked blazers.

A fuzzy coat you can always count on.

The ruffles on this dress add the perfect elegant touch. 

Who knew you needed a matching belt-pant duo?

Contrasting prints have never looked better. 

We've already seen this sweater on some of the coolest bloggers. 

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