The New Sneaker Trends You Need to Know About

It's a crazy time in the world of sneakers. These days, getting a hold of the coolest new set of kicks proves to be nearly impossible with most pairs selling out almost immediately upon release. Waiting lists are blowing up, resale sites are raising their prices, and on top of all of that, doesn't there seem to be a new "revolutionary" sneaker drop every other day? How is one to keep up? That's what we're here for.

While classic sneakers are always a good investment, there are five new sneaker trends brewing, and as the fashion-obsessed shopper we know you are, reading up on those five new sneaker trends is an absolute must. The styles ahead are definitely a little out of the box, but so far, we've seen all different style types rock these sneaker trends, from elegant, dress-loving It girls to the chillest Hypebaes. All you have to do now is decide which cool new pair is the perfect pair for you.

Go on to find out which five new sneaker trends all the cool girls are wearing.