These 5 Pedicure Colours Will Always Be Popular, According to Experts

From rainbow brights to cool metallics, I'm all about experimentation when it comes to my fingernails. In fact, painting my nails at home (or investing in manicures, depending on how much free time I have) is a year-round non-negotiable for me. But now that sandal season has arrived to stay for the foreseeable, I've realised that my feet are sadly lacking in the same amount of TLC—and after a long winter spent tucked away in thick socks and chunky boots, a good pedicure is more than overdue.

However, whilst nail art and manicure trends dominate much of my Instagram scroll sessions, the same can't be said for pedi inspiration. So, instead of seeking out under-the-radar nail colours or the hottest hues for summer, I wanted to find out what the most timeless toenail colours are. After all, pedicures always last way longer than manicures, so keeping it classic means I can take a low-maintenance approach to my toenail shade. 

With that in mind, I reached out to some of my favourite nail salons and experts to find out what the most popular toenail colours are with their clients, regardless of the season. These are the five that came out on top.


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Keep scrolling for the five always-popular toenail colours according to experts. Ready for your pedi?

1. Soft Pink


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Townhouse is the destination for nails amongst beauty editors and is probably my favourite place in London to get my own nail treatments. But what is the toenail colour of choice for Townhouse clients? "One of the most popular pedicure colours is Marshmallow by The Gel Bottle," reveals Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse. "Chic and understated, it's a stunning soft pink that complements any skin tone, which makes it a go-to choice for a sophisticated and polished look."

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2. Pillar Box Red


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"Pillar box red is highly requested in the salon as it's a shade that works all year round, but looks especially gorgeous in summertime as the perfect accessory to sandals and strappy heels," says Yana Gushchina, founder of Browfique. "It adds a pop of colour without being overpowering to outfits, which is what makes it such a timeless, classic toenail shade."

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3. Earthy Nudes


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"The most popular pedicure colours can really vary depending on current trends," explains Infaal Ziad, Rawr Beauty regional beauty manager. "However, classic shades like nudes with natural and earthy tones are always a popular choice as they complement different skin tones and can be worn for various occasions. The timeless appeal and versatility of these colours means they're consistently in demand."

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4. Bright Coral


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Over at London-based nail salon Paint, the most popular toenail colours lean towards the experimental. Senior educator Angel Gaffney reveals that a particular bottle of bright coral is the most popular toenail colour amongst the salon's clients. "OPI's Flex on the Beach is a beautiful, bright coral that's perfect for a beach or festival look," Gaffney explains. "It's bold and on-trend, but still works well with classic, everyday outfits."

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5. Clean & Clear


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I've saved this one for last as it isn't a toenail colour as such, but so many experts spoke to me about natural toenails as a hugely popular choice in salons. "Following the rise of the clean-girl aesthetic [on TikTok], the most popular colour requested tends to be a neutral shade, as this complements every outfit and keeps you looking clean and polished," explains Gushchina. 

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