These Are the 8 Best Nail Colors for 2023, According to Experts

Last year was a great year for nail art. Glazed chrome nails, neon French tips, and ombré blends were among the top requests in nail salons across the country and the most saved on Instagram—and according to nail experts, when it comes to color trends, 2023 is set to be just as cool. Textures and finishes will define nail art designs for the year, but when it comes to choosing color there are options for both the minimalists and the maximalists. We spoke to nail artists and experts Yan Tee, Ashleigh Bamber, and Rose Tucker, and also tapped trend experts WGSN to find out exactly what the best nail colors for 2023 will be.

Ahead, find eight trends, from silver chrome to candied orange. Consider this your go-to guide for manicure inspiration for the rest of the year.

1. Silver Chrome


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Thanks to Hailey Bieber’s "glazed donut” nails, a chrome finish became one of the most defining nail trends of 2022, and according to Bamber, the obsession is set to continue into 2023. "Silver and metallics in general are a huge trend right now, especially in clothing, and like all trends, it has finally made its way into nails,” she says. "It gives off futuristic vibes and plays on the metaverse trend, which is so popular at the moment.”  

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2. Chocolate Brown


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Brown may be most commonly associated with autumnal color trends, but according to WGSN, it’s set to trend throughout 2023. While golden butterscotch browns and soft desert-inspired tones will be big news later in the year, we’re already seeing a lot of love for rich deep chocolatey shades.

Texture is key to elevating this shade, so consider experimenting with metallic and matte finishes as well as traditional glosses. "I like either a full classic brown painted nail or mixing it with other neutral shades in swirly designs," adds Bamber.

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3. Digital Lavender


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The natural evolution from millennial pink? Digital lavender, a cool-toned lilac pastel, which WGSN has named as its color of the year for 2023. It also happens to tie in well with the digitally inspired textures we’re seeing in nail art: color-shifting shimmers and light-reflecting iridescent finishes.

"Lavender has been popular with some of my clients because it's easy to create a modern contrast with a lot of other statement colors,” says Tee. "The shade by itself is subtle, but paired with a stark green, it becomes super eye-catching. I also love it with a contrasting but complementing deep plum and molten silver details.”

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4. Sour Green


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Granted, sour green may not sound like an appealing name, but in a backlash to years of pretty pastels and punchy primary colors, WGSN predicts that sickly and traditionally repulsive shades will be huge in 2023.

"I’m getting a lot of requests for clashing colors and off-kilter shades,” says Bamber. "They work well with the really ‘otherworldly’ tactile textures that people are beginning to experiment with.”

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5. Oat Milk 


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Traditionally, white nails can look harsh and unflattering, but off-white and cream shades that lean slightly yellow-toned are much more sophisticated and flatter a wide range of skin tones. "Off-white is a subtler version of a typical white manicure that can sometimes give off a Tipp-Ex look,” says Bamber. "It’s clean, fresh, and definitely fits with the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic everyone is raving about right now. It also looks great on any nail length, shape, and skin tone.”

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6. Vibrant Blue


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"This one really began last year, but it’s definitely going to enter the mainstream in 2023,” says Bamber. "I don’t often get requests for a block color of vibrant blue, but people love it as an accent on a nude background. A French tip, an ombré effect, or some delicate stars are popular requests.” Styled as such, these subtle nail art designs offer a more sophisticated, grown-up way to wear such a bright, bold color.

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7. Candied Orange



Neon orange accents trended throughout 2022, but in 2023, orange will be given a softer, warmer approach, drawn from nature-inspired hues like ginger and amber. According to WGSN, candied orange shades are both activating and therapeutic and can be used as a way to inject life into designs with dark topcoats. Orange is also surprisingly versatile when paired with other shades (especially pink and brown), so expect to see this shade used in ombré, tie-dye, and aura-inspired designs.

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8. Jade Green



Pastels are traditionally (and unsurprisingly) a popular choice for spring, but Tucker predicts that more nature-inspired shades like jade will define her clients’ 2023 requests. "I’m getting requests for calmer tones, as lots of people are heading towards more understated, minimalist designs and colors, and jade fits that bill perfectly without sacrificing color,” she says. "There was loads of jade on S/S 23 runways. Victoria Beckham paired it with a vibrant coral, and that looked incredible, so you know it's going to be everywhere.”

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