10 Fall Outfit Formulas That Will Rule My Wardrobe From Age 25 to 65

The greatest flex an avid shopper can have is that the item they just bought is worth its weight in gold. For me, this sensation occurs when I've purchased an item I know I'll wear for life. I am so confident in many pieces in my closet, and I take pride in knowing I plan to pass them down to my future daughter someday (crossing my fingers she is into the whole fashion thing).

With this love for timeless fashion in mind, I am always looking for new ways to style the forever pieces in my closet. The below outfits are ones I plan to copy for many decades to come. Consider the below a list of suggestions to add to your Pinterest board.

Button-Down Shirt + Loose Denim



You can never go wrong with the classic combination of a button-down shirt and jeans. The best way to make it feel current is to opt for oversize silhouettes. Plus, wide-leg denim is a must-have for this upcoming season.

Shop the look:

Just when I thought I had enough blue shirts, I noticed this one has stripes.

Oversize Blazer + Slip Dress



The idea of pairing an oversize blazer with a slip dress is one that never goes out of style. Since this look is very easy to dress up and down, versatility is in its name.

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Will take as many sequins as possible.

Maxi Skirt + Knit Polo



The '70s inspiration can't be missed in this look, which is composed of more pieces I plan to wear for life. Who can say no to a knit polo?

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I'll wear this every day come fall.

Cardigan + Straight-Leg Jeans



cardigan set is always a head-turner, so don't be scared to invest in a piece like this. Paired with dark-wash denim, it has a '90s-supermodel aesthetic.

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We love a good cashmere moment.

Power Suit + Shoulder Bag

There's a reason they call it a power suit. Your energy will be unmatched the second you put this look on, no matter what age you are.

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This silhouette has won me over.

Choosing pants that are almost a perfect match is bold, but I love it.

White Tee + Wide-Leg Jeans

Wearing a white tee with jeans has never done me wrong. While fitted silhouettes come and go, you just can't go wrong with wide-leg pants.

Shop the look:

I love everything about these jeans.

Tailored Vest + Matching Trousers 



The tailored vest is having a big moment right now, but let it be known that the moment is not ending any time soon. I'll be pairing mine with trousers for years to come.

Shop the look:

Simplicity at its finest.

These pants remind me of my favorite bootcut jeans.

Maxi Dress + Logo Bag



It would be wrong to go without mentioning the amazing feeling of wearing a slip dress like this on its own. When you pair it with the right accessories, you can get so many looks out of one piece.

Knit Vest + Loafers



Even a casual coffee run deserves a fabulous outfit. A sweater-vest paired with crisp white shorts never gets old.

Shop the look:

My obsession with yellow lives on.

Cotton Poplin Dress + Gold Jewelry



If you know me, you know I am so in love with a white maxi dress. It's such an effortlessly chic look, and this one is my new favorite.

Shop the look:

I saw a friend wear this last week and thought she looked like a princess.

Only $36 to elevate any outfit? Absolutely yes.