TikTok Royalty Has Spoken—This Is What Fashion Looks Like for the Rest of 2022

TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



When it comes to staying on top of fashion trends these days, TikTok is basically the place to look or, to be more accurate, scroll. Gen Z has dominated the app and have become serious players in dictating the trends rather than following them. If you've found yourself swiping up on your #FYP late at night (or every night, no shame), you've probably noticed some of the same styles popping up, especially when it comes to TikTok A-listers like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, Nessa Barrett… the list goes on. 

There are also popular fashion accounts like @sandysdigitaldiary@spicyoutfitss, and @_annettelam that have compiled their 2022 trend reports, which we went ahead and shopped out just for you. 

Ahead, six TikTok fashion trends that will define 2022—from socks with sandals (controversial, I know) to corsets that'll make you feel like you're living your Pride and Prejudice dream. Keep scrolling to see and add them straight to your cart. Wear any of these styles to show off your TikTok fashion knowledge. 

Updated Knits
TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



Visible seams, a hand-crafted look, bold colors, and not-so-subtle textures are giving basic knitwear a new life in 2022. It's all about taking it up a notch (or five) with extra details that elevate and modernize your 'fit. 

The lettuce-edge seams make this fun green knit too tempting to pass up. (The matching skirt makes it a full-blown look.) 

The ribbed texture and slit at the back are two features that elevate a basic knit. 

Cardigan, but make it colorblocked. 

Bet you don't have a halter top like this. 

Socks With Sandals
TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



Similar to the return of low-rise jeans, this is another divisive (like, maybe even friendship-ruining) trend. But no matter how you feel about it, I think we can all agree that your feet will be in heaven. It's about time you show off your cute socks and be comfortable at the same time! 

This neutral shade will go with any footwear choice. 

A classic sandal that looks great with socks. Trust me. 

Mother has some of the cutest (and comfiest) graphic socks that should absolutely be shown off. 

Complement the colors on these bandana-wrapped sandals with your socks. 

TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



TikTok is all about structured, corset-inspired tops with hook-and-eye clasps, boning, and square necklines. Feel free to bring this lingerie staple outside because it's too pretty not to be seen. 

Coordinate with the matching skirt for a head-to-toe printed outfit. 

How pretty is this toile print?

This celeb-favorite label just launched a more affordable collab with Urban Outfitters, which features this graphic corset in two color ways. 

Might as well opt for a knockout hue like this bold red. 

'70s Sunglasses
TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



Groovy, baby! Bring out your biggest shades to get in on this retro accessory trend. Giant square-shaped or aviator-style sunnies will give your outfit a look that's so '70s. You can also add a pop of color with some tinted lenses.  

This top-rated aviator design comes in five other shades. 

This popular Amazon style has more than 2000 reviews.

Here's a designer option if you're the kind of person who loves a sunglasses splurge. 

The tortoiseshell pattern is stunning. 

Extreme Cutouts
TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



Cutouts have been trending for a couple of seasons now, and on TikTok, it's taken to a whole new level. It might make getting dressed each morning a little more complicated, but once your arms and legs are in all the right openings (I believe in you!), the end result will earn you all the compliments.

Add these sleeves over any tank or dress you already own for something unexpected. 

An extra skin-baring twist on a classic tank. 

Sure, it might be tricky to get into, but the final look is worth it. 

The trend isn't just limited to tops! Here it is on a pair of soft ribbed pants. 

TikTok Fashion Trends 2022



The more mini, the better when it comes to this trend. When it comes up on my #FYP, it's often a low-rise style, but if that's too Y2K for you, there are mid- and high-rise ones to browse as well. 

You probably had a skirt exactly like this in middle school, so, yeah, they're back. 

This crinkle skirt is easy to throw on over a bikini or you can wear it while running errands. 

Absolutely recommend wearing this style with a cream-colored collared sweater. 

The wavy hem combined with the floral print are *chef's kiss.*