The Retro Swimsuit Trend All Fashion Girls Love

tie dye swimwear street style



When it comes to summer swimwear, we can never have enough. That said, we’re constantly on the hunt for that next new trend that’s going to make us just as excited for the newest addition to our collection as the tried-and-true classics we’ve been living by for years already. Each season brings with it a new collection of florals, modern takes on the sporty trend, and silhouettes that run the gamut. But it wasn’t until this summer that we were introduced to one of our favorite swimwear trends of all: the tie-dye swimsuit.

Whether you opt for a string bikini or prefer a sporty one-piece tank suit, this retro trend will have everyone on the beach looking your way. You can opt for a bright and bold rainbow or a more subdued dip-dyed ombré effect. With spiral shapes, lines, and more abstract splatters, the ’90s DIY look is the only one you’ll be craving when you hit the beach this summer.

We particularly love Solid & Striped’s newest addition to its throwback collection, Mango’s classic pink-and-orange tones, Ganni’s bold red-and-white offerings, and Zimmermann’s subtle palette of black and navy. Shop all of those and more right here.

We love this swimwear trend so much that it’s a sure bet we’re going to be wearing many of the above styles off the beach as well.

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