The Controversial Swimsuit Trend That Will Never Go Out of Style

thong swimsuit trend



Yes, summer is almost over, but we've still got a handful of warmer days to relish in. And what better way to do that than with a swimsuit you can guarantee will last the test of time? We're talking about the thong swimsuit trend, which we know some people may not be the biggest fans of. If you prefer to wear a suit that errs on the more modest side, more power to you. But if you are game to brave the cheeky thong style, we fully support that as well.

Go to any beach, pool, or the like, and you will undoubtedly spot a woman wearing bikini bottoms that really show it all. Women of all ages opt for this style to eliminate awkward tan lines, because they believe it's the most flattering swimsuit trend for their body, or simply because they like the comfort thong swimsuits give them. Whatever the reason, the thong swimsuit trend is one that is here to stay. Other trends might come and go, but history has proven that this particular style is here for the long haul which is why we've shopped out a handful of our favorite thong swimsuits on the market.

Go on to shop our favorite versions of the thong swimsuit trend.

This sporty style will flatter so many body types. 

Mikoh may have some of the most comfortable swimsuits around. 

Combat the cheeky bottom half with a high-rise cut. 

White swimsuits will instantly make you look tanner. 

The top to this suit is just as cute.

Slip on denim shorts over this, and you'll be ready for some post-beach lunch. 

Wait until you see the front of this suit. 

The texture on this bikini is what makes it so special. 

Subtle colors that still make a statement. 

These bows make this pretty one-piece irresistible. 

Mix and match these bottoms with any top of your choosing.