9 Things Every Fashion Blogger Brings on Vacation

Besides being great at coming up with the most inventive outfit combinations and flawlessly running their own personal brands, fashion bloggers are grade A professionals at vacationing in the utmost style. Since we all have the pleasure of kind of, sort of feeling like we are on vacation with them à la social media, we know that everything they pack is not only perfect for capturing that quintessential Instagram shot but also extremely practical for the locations they travel to. For example, I got the pleasure of going to Nicaragua with Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge for Reef’s #JustPassingThrough getaway, and let me tell you, there was not one thing she wore during the trip that was not simultaneously insanely stylish and perfect for our locale too.

With that said, there are a handful of items bloggers tend to pack that seem to be universal essentials when it comes creating a stylish and effortless trip. From photogenic crop tops to that perfect bikini, you taking advantage of this packing list will guarantee a blogger-esque vacation like no other. Don’t believe us? One look at these images and products will have you changing your mind in no time.

Scroll down to find out what you should be packing for your most stylish vacation yet!