The '90s Dress Trend I Bet Everyone Will Wear This Summer

Hi, welcome to 2018. You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice that some of the biggest trends of the moment came straight from the '90s. Fashion girls and celebrities everywhere are wearing items like strappy sandals and "mom" jeans right now, further solidifying that the decade is more relevant in 2018 than ever. This summer, there's one trend that I'm placing bets on to be the biggest '90s trend yet.

Thin-strap going-out dresses—particularly styles with barely there straps and a slinky shape—are making a full-on revival. Thanks to the '90s, slip dresses are a must-have style for everyone. But this microtrend is the sleeker, updated version of those classic '90s slip dresses we know and love. See how celebs like SJP wore the style in the '90s compared to our favorite 2018 versions of the dress via Bella Hadid and Paloma Elsesser, and then go on to shop our edit.