If You're Investing in One Pair of Sandals This Year, Make It These

A great pair of sandals is always a good investment. Pick the perfect, versatile style, and you’ll wear it basically every day from spring until the cooler days of autumn and then look forward to pulling it out again next year. That’s why it’s often worth spending a little more on a pair you really love that has long-lasting quality. 

Enter The Row’s fisherman sandals. They're so comfortable and surprisingly easy to style with so many different outfits it’s no wonder that this minimalistic leather strappy style has garnered a huge following amongst fashion’s most stylish people ever since it first showed up on the brand’s runway a few seasons ago. Despite its focus on anti-trend collections full of timeless staples, the luxury label has a talent for dictating some of fashion’s most-wanted pieces—and these sandals are the latest in a long line of utterly (and sometimes strangely) desirable classics created by The Row. 


(Image credit: @modedamour)

Okay, they’re not the daintiest sandals in the world, but if any sandal trend has proven its worth lately, it’s chunkier, so-called "ugly” ones. From flatform flip-flops to Birkenstocks, it’s clear fashion has a penchant for practical footwear that’s set to last. Controversial they may be, but there’s no doubt the fisherman style provides the perfect antidote to pretty dresses and relaxed summer tailoring

Keep scrolling, and you can shop this in-demand style in the black and white colourways while they’re still in stock (last year, they both sold out before summer even arrived), as well as some more of the best fisherman sandals on the market right now. I’ve also added in some examples of how influencers have been styling theirs with everything from classic blue jeans to airy white dresses, in case you were still in need of some chic minimalistic outfit inspo. You’re welcome…

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How Fashion People Have Been Wearing Fisherman Sandals:


(Image credit: @brittanybathgate)

They balance out a pretty white dress so well. 


(Image credit: @Monikh)

Just add them to jeans for an easy, everyday look. 


(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

How chic do they look paired with a suit for summer?


(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

TyLynn pairs them with cropped tailored trousers to great effect. 


(Image credit: @modedamour)

They even work for cooler months layered with socks. 


(Image credit: @bubblyaquarius)

The perfect addition to a midi skirt. 

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