25 Thanksgiving Gifts For Every Important Person In Your Life

Thanksgiving gift ideas



With Thanksgiving celebrations comes a plethora of quality time spent with loved ones. From Friendsgivings to family gatherings at home, the start of the holiday season is filled with family, friends, and plenty of food.

While we all appreciate home-made turkey and pumpkin pie, decorum often dictates that we express our appreciation with a small token of gratitude—a Thanksgiving gift typically given to the host, our family members, and others we are particularly grateful for on this holiday.

Gift-giving can prove a tricky task. What, for example, to bring when meeting your S.O.'s parents for the first time? Or your own mom, who seems to have just about everything she needs? What about your best friend, who also happens to be hosting a Friendsgiving this year? While you can never go wrong with beautiful serving-ware or a luxe candle, we have 25 gift ideas for each person in your life that are sure to express just how thankful you are this Thanksgiving.

For the Host or Hostess

It is said that you should never arrive at a dinner party empty-handed, and no time is this truer than on Thanksgiving. If you hope to stand out from the mass of bouquets sure to come, consider a small, thoughtful houseware or self-care item that the host can use during and after their hosting duties.

Flowers are a near-must for a host, and this beautiful bouquet will last long past a fresh bouquet, providing beauty throughout the holiday season. 

Your host is going to need some R&R after Thanksgiving—this will help them get it. 

Instead of paper plates, your host can serve pumpkin pie on this stunning dessert plate. 

There's nothing quite like a cup of hot tea on a cold evening, and no one does tea like Fortnum & Mason. Your host will appreciate this thoughtful and unique gift. 

This aesthetically pleasing cheeseboard will be perfect for pre-holiday dinner appetizers. 

Your Mom

When you hosted your own Friendsgiving, maybe your mom provided you with tips on everything from how to cook your turkey to the beautiful dessert dishes to serve pumpkin pie on. Now, what to get the woman who has everything in return? We recommend a small, home-focused good that is both practical and sophisticated.

Why not bring home a gift of beautiful coupe glasses, a lovely alternative to a traditional flute?

Forget heels—what your mom really wants is a pair of comfortable slippers. 

This pie dish will be perfect for apple pie. 

This kit will bring nothing but good energy and vibes to any home. 

Upgrade your mom's morning coffee ritual with this sleek coffee maker. 

Your Best Friend

The holiday season is a wonderful time to show your BFF just how grateful you are to have them in your life. While this doesn't have to mean gifting a vintage Chanel bag (unless my friends are reading this!), delicious treats and skincare products are sure to warm up any cold winter day. 

The gift of scent is always a welcome one, especially as we all turn into homebodies in the winter months. 

Williams Sonoma's peppermint bark is legendary for a reason—it's delicious and festive. 

This trio is everything your BFF needs to keep their skin glowing despite dry, cold weather. 

Self-care is especially important around the holidays, and this is sure to help.

An Advent calendar is extremely underrated. Wonderfully festive and sweet, I will be gifting one to nearly all of my loved ones this holiday season. 

Your In-Laws

Perhaps the most difficult buy is a gift for your in-laws. You could still be establishing a relationship with your S.O.'s parent, or maybe the holidays are the first time you'll meet. We get it. You want something personal but not overly intimate. Professional but not cold. A coffee table book that speaks to their interests or a gift crate full of festive goodies toes the line perfectly. 

While a coffee table book may not be your first idea for a father-in-law, this Rolex watch book is sure to capture his interest and makes for a thoughtful gift. 

A beautiful guest bathroom requires a matching fragrant hand-soap–and-lotion set.

Your in-laws can keep these tasty treats to themselves or share them for an après-Thanksgiving feast dessert. 

Mulled wine is a delectable drink enjoyed most at the holidays, and these spices are everything your in-laws will need to whip up their own batch. 

There's nothing like a stunning cheese-and-meat crate to bring to your in-laws as a Thanksgiving gift. 

Your S.O.

Sometimes an S.O. just needs a little bit of extra love. Maybe this means making them breakfast in bed or gifting a sweet little something on Thanksgiving just to show you're thinking of them. Whether it's a sweater to keep them warm through the holidays or the wireless headphones they've been wanting, it really is the thought that counts. 

Your S.O. will definitely appreciate these the next time they hit the gym. 

It's likely your partner will need a sneaker upgrade as we head into winter. These are sure to do the trick. 

If they're doing some traveling this Thanksgiving, Aesop's ginger flight therapy is a life-saver. 

This comfy knit is sure to keep them cozy all winter long. 

They can sit behind the bar shaking up cocktails throughout Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. 

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