23 Trendy Gifts I Low-Key Want to Keep for Myself


(Image credit: The Style Stalker)

Have you ever caught yourself wanting to keep a present you bought for your friend? Guilty. I've shopped for plenty of gift-giving occasions in my time, and sometimes, I land upon a gift that's so good, I have a hard time actually giving it away. (Don't worry, I do end up gifting it, but not without a bit of struggle, though a feeling of happiness follows shortly after because I know I found a good gift.) Nothing beats that feeling of finding a really darn good present for someone you love, right?

Now, while searching for the best trendy gifts for women, I had this same feeling rush over. When I found a cool gift, I first wanted to buy said item in my size (which I just might do, too), and then I got so excited because I can't wait to wrap it up and watch my friend's eyes light up when she unpacks it. From the cutest candles to the chicest PJ sets, ahead, I found 22 trendy gifts I low-key want to keep for myself (but won't). See and shop everything, below.

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Eva Thomas