Taylor Swift Just Wore the Cutest $65 "Voter" Necklace

Taylor Swift is a voter. She just formally endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in typical T-Swift fashion: She decorated cookies with the candidates' names and proudly wore the Stella & Bow x I Am a Voter Necklace ($65). 

Similar to Michelle Obama's ByChari "vote" necklace that she wore during the Democratic National Convention, Swift's version is also a delicate, gold design. Luckily, however, Swift's necklace is much more affordable at just $65 compared to $295 for Obama's version. Oh, and it also comes in sterling silver. At the end of the day, what matters is that you're registered to vote and have a voting plan, but it never hurts to accessorize while you're at it. Scroll down to see Taylor Swift's new gold necklace. 

Swift wore hers with overalls and a baggy long-sleeve tee. 

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