Here's Where to Buy Michelle Obama's DNC Vote Necklace


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Michelle Obama's highly anticipated speech at last night's virtual Democratic National Convention won't soon be forgotten, as few can deliver a poignant message as effectively as she can. That message undoubtedly resonated with millions of people across the country last night, and it wasn't just her words that everyone was talking about last night. Michelle Obama is one of the most influential women on the planet, and what she wears has always garnered acute interest.

The subtle, dainty item she wore for the speech was hard to ignore: a pretty gold "vote" necklace, which was one of the main points conveyed in her speech. In case you want one of your own, the designer is Los Angeles–based BYCHARI, and the now-famous necklace is available in 14K yellow, rose, and white gold. You can also choose between small, large, and diamond letters. Not surprisingly, it's the brand's best-selling piece. Obama's appears to be the small yellow gold iteration, which retails for just under $300 (and it perfectly complements her chic Nanushka top). Order yours now and it'll arrive in three to four weeks, and/or shop other stylish pieces below that spread the word to exercise your right to vote.

Scroll to watch Michelle Obama's incredibly important speech, and then shop the necklace everyone is losing it over.


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