It's Target-Haul Time—Here's Every Fall Thing I Want to Buy Immediately


Courtesy of Target

I think I've talked about my love and deep appreciation for Target many times on this site (maybe a little too much), so I think I'll spare you from my consumer love letter. What I haven't talked about, however, is how the retailer reaches new heights around the fall time. If someone asked me about the perfect fall day, it would include a trip down to Target, during which I had no choice but to succumb to the seasonal shopping offering. I have pretty good self-control, but I turn that switch off here and there during my favorite season. Can you blame me, though? From candles and homewares to buzzy beauty products and loungewear, Target's offering isn't exactly something that's easy to ignore. 

I didn't want to keep all my fall finds to myself, so I thought I'd share them with you. If you're looking to give a little fall refresh to your home or add some comfy pieces to your wardrobe, I've got it all covered. I even rounded up some beauty picks I'm considering adding to my rotation because Target has become the ultimate one-stop shop ever since it partnered with Ulta. The sky is clearly the limit here, folks. Keep scrolling to shop all my picks.

A great bag for your next night out.

I want to wrap myself up in this blanket.

All the fall shadows you need right at your fingertips and at $12.

I can't believe this is from Target.

This would look great next to your couch or accent chair.

When I see something furry, I want and need it.

Mented makes my favorite lipsticks. The brand makes the best nudes if you have a darker skin tone.

Branded content editor Aniyah Morinia wore this, and when she told me it was from Target, I knew I had to include it. Take notes from her and throw an oversize blazer on top.

Is your skin feeling a little dry lately? I found your solution.

It's like a teddy bear—how can you resist?

How many knit sets are too many knit sets? The limit does not exist.

Everything about this makes it a winner. The crop, the color… I could go on.

I'll be lounging at home in this, thank you very much.