Confession: I'm an Outfit Repeater—I'll Never Give Up This Simple Combo

t-shirt and jeans outfit


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I'll admit it: My personal style can be a bit chaotic at times. I've always enjoyed testing out every trend under the sun, so my daily outfits tend to run the gamut. If I were to document each one, they'd be an amuse-bouche of trending aesthetics—minimalistic tailoring one day and slinky cutouts the next. But no matter how many different styles I rotate through, there's one simple outfit formula I always come back to in a pinch: a T-shirt and jeans. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's my uniform per se, but it is the outfit I wear without fail when I am zapped of inspiration, am running late, or simply can't be bothered.

I used to beat myself up about leaning on the simple formula too much instead of putting my styling skills to use for something more involved. But honestly, I've come to realize that there's a lot of value in relying on what works. If it's not broken, don't fix it, right? In the interest of validating my own sartorial habits, I went ahead and sourced nine cool T-shirt-and-jeans outfit ideas. I'll be taking notes from these fashion people on how to turn something as simple as denim and cotton into a bona fide 'fit, and if you want to do the same, then I suggest you keep reading.

Long Coat + Crew-Neck Tee + Dark Jeans + Heels

how to style a t-shirt and jeans



Make a simple white tee and jeans feel downright elegant when you style them with an ankle-length coat and slingback heels. Selecting denim in a darker wash with a tailored fit will ensure the overall look feels elevated.

Graphic Tee + Slim-Fit Jeans + Tall Boots + Shoulder Bag

t-shirt and jeans outfits



Casual and easy but still cool—that's what this combo accomplishes. Jeans that are tucked into boots automatically give any T-shirt a fashion-person spin.

t-shirt and jeans outfit ideas



Jeans and a tee make for a great base to showcase your best accessories. Baseball hats are having a moment, and teaming one with a blazer feels like the perfect amount of preppy—well, 2022's preppy, that is.

T-Shirt + Collared Sweater + Relaxed Jeans + Loafers

trendy jeans and t-shirt outfits


Want to put a trendy spin on the combo? Layer a collared sweater over your crew-neck tee. It's a subtle layering detail that makes an impact. Relaxed jeans and loafers tie it all together.

Leather Jacket + Striped Tee + Light-Wash Jeans + Ankle Boots

fall jeans and t-shirt outfits



A striped tee may be a French fashion cliché, but our Parisian friends are co-opting the staple in a fresh way. Take this look, for example, that styles one with a boxy leather jacket and straight-leg jeans. It's classic and cool.

I keep seeing fashion people wearing their cardigans as jackets, and I'm now inspired to do the same by wearing one open atop a slim-fitting tee. As for the denim, a wide-leg silhouette looks excellent with a cropped cardigan.

Boxy Tee + Straight-Leg Jeans + Strappy Sandals

summer jeans and t-shirt outfits



Here's your cue to screenshot this one and save it for warmer weather. Monochrome dressing is such an easy way to make jeans and a tee look put-together. I also love the idea of rolling up the sleeves of a boxy T-shirt to add some shape.

Blazer Coat + Long-Sleeve Tee + Vintage-Inspired Jeans + Classic Sneakers

winter jeans and t-shirt outfits



Once again, never underestimate the power of a great jacket or coat to bring the whole look together. Here, a structured coat does the heavy lifting for an otherwise dressed-down ensemble. 

jeans and t-shirt outfits



If you're into the classic look, then you'll appreciate this last iteration that involves wearing a button-down shirt over your T-shirt à la The Row.