I Buy Into Every Trend—8 I'm Keeping and 8 I'm Removing From My Closet Now


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It's 2022, and I'm ready to switch things up in my closet to make room for what's next in fashion. It's my job to discover new trends and then report back to you on what is worth buying into. I take that responsibility very seriously and do my best to test-drive even some of the smallest micro-trends myself. Well, we've entered January, and you know what that means. It's time for a closet clean-out. I've been very diligent in saying goodbye to items that no longer suit me, but when it comes to the final round of edits, the choices I make are pretty trend-driven. Tough love truly comes into play here. When something was everywhere just a few months ago, it can be hard to say goodbye so soon, but in some cases, you're better off without it. Just make sure to sell or donate what you're no longer using, as I'm sure someone else would love to have it. Or sometimes, you can even throw it in storage since we know it will come back sooner rather than later.

Last year brought about a lot of fun trends that I thoroughly enjoyed, but I'm now looking to the future and saying goodbye to the past. This year's closet clean-out involved getting rid of some once-loved trends like gold hoops and ripped jeans and saying hello to pieces that are guaranteed to be the star of the show in 2022. Scroll down to greet your new favorite fashion finds of the year.

Removing: Stirrup Leggings

Keeping: Loose Trousers


On the runway:
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This is the trend that I just won't shut up about. There are so many things I love about it, but right now, I can't stop thinking about how seasonless it is. You can wear it in the winter with boots and all summer long with chic sandals. Everyone needs to buy into this trend.


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And trying it in monochrome will be my next move.

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Removing: Logo Beanies

Keeping: Earmuffs


On the runway:
(Image credit: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images)

I would've never thought that earmuffs would become a "borrow from the boys" situation, but here we are. One of Virgil Abloh's last moves was sending this furry accessory down the menswear runway at Louis Vuitton, and he clearly struck a chord. I feel like I can't go anywhere in NYC this winter without seeing them.


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So much cuter than an overworn beanie.

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Removing: Ripped Jeans

Keeping: Dark-Wash Denim


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Saint Laurent)

There's something about this deep-indigo hue that feels instantly more polished than any other denim wash. You're all dressed up with everywhere to go, but also, comfort is coming first. I always get stuck on one pair of jeans in my closet, and this is currently it.


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(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

They're just so cool.

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Removing: Gold Hoops

Keeping: Dramatic Drop Earrings


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Altuzarra)

I used to never leave the house without the same pair of gold hoops on, but after seeing how much a dramatic dangling earring can do for a look, I've officially converted. In the winter, it can be hard not to look like an oversize marshmallow. Well, here's an easy fix.


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When nearly all of my co-workers wore them to the holiday party, I knew it was serious.

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Removing: Yoga Headbands

Keeping: Baseball Hats


On the runway:
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Yoga headbands were cute, but I'm putting that far behind me. As you may have noticed, baseball hats have become the go-to way to get instant cool factor, and I'm suggesting we keep the momentum going. They're still the perfect fix for all bad-hair days.


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(Image credit: @sheamarie)

All smiles in this one.

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Removing: Midi Skirts

Keeping: Micro Miniskirts


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Miu Miu)

This just may be the most viral runway moment of the last decade, so I have to bring it back. The Miu Miu influence is real. Last year, the brand convinced us to wear balaclavas, and now, we're following its lead into the micro-skirt madness. I'm here for it.


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(Image credit: @champagnemani)

Yes, you can even wear this trend in the winter.

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Removing: Stripes

Keeping: Geometric Prints


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst)

Geometric prints are such a fun trend because there are so many different ways that they can come to life. Here, the trend appears quite beachy, yet I wore it the other day in a structured suit in the dead of winter. It's simple: The next time you go to buy a printed dress or blouse, look for geometry (lines, shapes, and angles) to look very right now.


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The geometric print brought this whole look together.

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Removing: Pastels

Keeping: Saturated Colors


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell)

Ending with yet another trend that I don't go a day without mentioning, it's saturated colors. Clashing unexpected combinations of bright colors is the move right now. It's so much fun, and you can always pull back and wear these pieces on their own when you're looking for a more muted look.


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(Image credit: @ninasandbech)

Every day I scroll through my feed, I discover another color combination I need to try. 

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