Prediction: The Swimsuit Styles You'll Wear This Summer

The countdown to summer is on. While we've been prepping our summer wardrobes, Byrdie Australia has been dishing up all the fitness tips you could ever need (seriously though, how many times did you eat spaghetti bolognese while on the lounge this winter?), and now, we're giving you the ultimate run down of the best swimwear trends for the season.

There are a slew of new styles and shapes to try, and one definitive trend we can see throughout many of the collections—the return of the high-cut shape on the leg. It was major in the '80s (hello Baywatch), and now, it's back.

With warm summer days on their way, we're giving you enough time to find the style that suits you best. There's something for everyone—whether you're a one-piece girl, or you'll always remain faithful to a bikini, we've got a tight edit of the top five biggest swimsuit trends we think you'll see all over the beach.

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