This "Grandpa" Trend Is Suddenly All I Want to Wear

I've always associated a sweater tied around your shoulders with one of two things: a prep-school kid or a sweet old man, with the latter being the most common. But as with many other retro fall trends, this "grandpa" styling trick is back in a big way this year thanks to fashion people around the globe.

Whether it's layered over a blazer, a T-shirt, or another sweater, wrapping yourself in a chunky knit sweater is one of fall's easiest styling tricks that just happens to be everywhere right now. It makes every outfit look instantly more thoughtful, and it adds interest to even the most basic of outfits. I actually prefer the sweater-tied-around-the-shoulders trick with an outfit that's more on the minimalist side, as I think a cleaner color palette looks chic and elevated.

But don't just take my word for it—keep scrolling to see how fashion girls are styling their sweaters around their shoulders, and shop my favorite pieces to re-create the looks yourself.

This sweater set does the legwork for you. 

Another option that takes the guesswork out of styling.

This color will look so chic paired with other neutrals. 

A classic white sweater that can be wrapped on top of anything. 

I'd tie this chunky sweater around my shoulders with just a T-shirt and jeans. 

The mixed rib detailing adds interest to any outfit. 

When you need a pop of color. 

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