18 Core Pieces for Your Summer Work Wardrobe

Putting together an outfit for work can oftentimes be more stressful than needed, especially when we’re in the middle of the summer and the weather is hotter than imaginable. While you want to stay cool in and out of the office (especially if you’ve got an unbearable walk for your daily commute), you also want to be dressed appropriately for the office. So we put together a summer work capsule wardrobe to take the stress out of your morning routine.

When the heat of summer is only here for a short part of the year, why buy a whole new closet when you only need a few pieces to get you through the summer? Ahead we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need for the office that’ll ensure you don’t sweat through your favorite pieces that’ll also get you the right kind of attention from HR. With these pieces, the number of outfits is infinite, and by the time you get through all the outfit combinations, fall will be here.

Getting dressed for work just got that much easier.