Found: The 15 Best Shoes for Walking All Day 

Think about it for a moment—we spend a lot of time on our feet walking. From our morning commute to work to our daily trek to the coffee shop to our quick lunch stroll around the park, our feet take us places all the time. And as such, we should make sure they're as supported and comfortable as possible. How does one do this? By buying and wearing the proper shoes, of course.

Ahead we've curated a collection of the best footwear, from slides to sneakers, to wear when you know you'll be walking all day—which is very likely now that the weather is consistently nice. But how did we find the top contenders? By reading through countless customer reviews that spoke to the style's fit, support, and comfort (and, of course, it didn't hurt when the review explicitly stated that the shoes were "perfect for walking long distances." Ahead see and shop the footwear that won't cause foot pain—even after wearing them all day.

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