The Summer Items You Can't Wear in Most Fashion Offices

Navigating what's appropriate to wear to the office can be tricky, especially during summer when generally the ideal wardrobe involves as little clothing as possible. We've all peeked into our wardrobe, pulled out a minidress and wondered Can I actually get away with this? when we know that really, it's probably not a summer office outfit and is better saved for the weekend.

Part of what makes work dressing tricky is that every office has a different set of social rules that steer what counts as appropriate or not. Still, even the most creative offices still draw the line somewhere. To help give an idea of how to master summer dressing, we tapped Who What Wear's co-founder Hillary Kerr to weigh in on which summer staples to avoid completely, and which to wear with caution. Safe to say, you'll be ready to navigate the next few months with summer office wear that both you and your boss will love.

See Hillary Kerr's take on office style below, and then shop a few of our favorite Monday-to-Friday picks.