This Basic May Be "Boring," But These 10 Outfits Are Proving Otherwise

A button-down might be considered a "boring" basic, but the styling tricks the fashion set is applying to it lately certainly are not. When it was warmer, it seemed like everyone on the map was wearing classic button-down shirts with a variety of their summer pieces, even swimwear. While the button-down is certainly not new, the fashion set has been taking it to new heights with pops of color, matching sets galore, and unique layering.

Ahead, you will be able to see some of the coolest styling inspiration for incorporating this menswear basic into your seasonal wardrobe. In addition, you can shop all the button-downs worthy of copping. From outfits that are office appropriate to ones that are perfect for a night out on the town, these no-fuss styling tricks are the fresh updates you didn't know this timeless basic needed.


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Contrast something classic like a button-down shirt with something trendy like a corset for a truly dynamic outfit. 


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This look is proof that you don't need much to partake in this simple trend. The subtlety of only buttoning those top few buttons will instantly breathe new life into any of the pairs of jeans sitting in your closet. 


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From minimalists to maximalists, this styling trick just won't quit. Go bold and contrast two bright colors. 


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Even a basic white button-down can receive the chicest of upgrades, and all you'll need is a pair of printed pants.


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There are plenty of beach cover-ups that exist, but a button-down is a fashion favorite. We recommend you try it for your next trip to the water.


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Matching button-down sets seemed to be the uniform for the summer, and we 100% approve. Pair with a bright-colored tank and sandals, and you're out the door with an easy yet stylish ensemble.


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No, this is not your average button-down shirt, and that's exactly why we like it. Take note of this look and liven up an otherwise simple ensemble with dainty jewelry and strappy sandals.


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Running errands? Your tank and slacks will immediately become more elevated with a button-down thrown over. Leave the buttons loose and roll up your sleeves to keep it casual.


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You can't go wrong with the classic "workwear" outfit—a button-down tucked into trousers with a belt. The sneakers and baseball hat relax the look.


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Linen is the ultimate comfortable material, and there are no exceptions with button-downs. Opt for an easy outfit with a linen top and skirt. 

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