It's a Wardrobe Glow-Up: 7 Items I'm Adding to My Closet and 7 I'm Tossing


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I've recently taken it upon myself to audit my wardrobe and decide once and for all what stays and what goes. Okay, maybe not once and for all—it's a practice I inevitably have to repeat every few months. But with summer in full swing, I figured it was time to do another closet clean-out and purge some items that now feel irrelevant to me.

With that, I've pinpointed seven pieces, in particular, that no longer feel like they're the most stylish or practical options. From tops to shorts to dresses, there's a specific style I'm purging from each category, and I won't lie. I'm doing this because I'm looking to fill that new space with some pretty (and pretty affordable) pieces from our very own Who What Wear x Target line. Yep, our line is stocking many of the easy and summery silhouettes my wardrobe is craving right now.

Since sharing is what I do best, I figured I'd go ahead and highlight the seven pieces I'm getting rid of and the new pieces I'm eyeing to add to my closet, so with that, keep reading to learn about my latest wardrobe refresh to hopefully inspire your own.

Tossing: Super-Short Shorts

Adding: Roomy Shorts

Shorts are only getting longer and looser, and I, for one, am definitely not fighting this movement away from short and clingy cutoffs. (I always found them awkwardly uncomfortable, anyways.) The fashion crowd has fully adopted longer lengths that offer a bit more coverage and a more relaxed fit. They also just happen to look more polished for the warmer months.


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Tossing: Strong-Shoulder Pieces

Adding: Strappy Details

Strong, padded shoulders are one trend I'm more than happy to let go of. They had their moment, but personally, I never found them to be all that wearable. Instead, strappy pieces that are evocative of '90s going-out looks are what I'm after right now. They also have some serious staying power past the current season. As I hone in on my "revenge" wardrobe, I'm leaning into these barely-there pieces. 


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Tossing: Stick-of-Butter Palettes

Adding: Destination-Ready Prints

Speaking of my "revenge" wardrobe, I'm also looking to channel a beach destination through my summer outfits regardless of my actual travel plans, and these bold and bright prints are doing just that. I think the moment for austere, all-neutral outfits has passed. It's all about joyful dressing for me these days.


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Tossing: Plain Tanks + Tees

Adding: Interesting Tops

Don't get me wrong. I love a good basic top, but my closet is currently being overrun by them, so I think the time has come to really gut my basics drawer. I'm really drawn to fun statement tops right now that look good all on their own and don't require too much effort to style, like these one-shoulder and ruffled pieces.


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Tossing: Anything Too Structured

Adding: Airy Silhouettes

Structured pieces were starting to feel too severe. Besides, summer is the time when I hit the easy button on my outfits, which is why these light and airy silhouettes are doing it for me.


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Tossing: Boring Basics

Adding: Basics With a Little Something Extra

I'm a firm believer in having a few cool or "special" basics on hand at all times. They add a little something extra to your outfits without really trying. Boring basics, who?


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Tossing: Shirtdresses

Adding: Puff-Sleeve Dresses

While once a trend, puff-sleeve dresses are firmly a staple style now, and I could always use a few more versions to keep on rotation. They're my go-to for the office (when that's a thing again) and are fully replacing shirtdresses, a traditionally office-friendly piece that strikes me as a bit stuffy these days.


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More Pieces Destined for My Closet

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