I Just Donated 40% of My Closet—These 6 Things Got the Boot

It's been six months since I've begun working from home and largely existing in loungewear and while this year has really tried us all in countless ways, I think I've just found one silver lining: the ability to totally gut my closet in a way that I've never been able to do before. It turns out that when the majority of your clothes (especially those fancier going-out items) remain untouched for the better half of a year, you come to realize which items mean a lot to you and which are simply dead weight.

As you've gleaned, I recently came to this realization and in the process gutted nearly 40% of my closet. (Yes, 40%) I was long overdue for a closet clean out anyway, so I got to work whittling down every category of my closet, from jeans and tops to shoes, bags, and jewelry. One Saturday afternoon and several donation-bound bags later, I felt like a new woman. As for what I got rid of? While it would take too long to detail everything, I figured I'd share the six items that felt the most satisfying to part with. These are the pieces that weren't just occupying my physical space but mental space as well.

So with that, keep on reading to see the highlights of my massive closet cleanout and find out the alternatives I decided to keep.


Sock boots that cling to your ankle were once something I used to stock my closet with, but seeing as the style has been on the decline for a few years now, I can confidently say they're "expiring" this fall and it's time I finally part ways with mine.

Keeping: Square-Toe Boots

classic square-toe boots



Personally, I think square-toe boots are some of the chicest out there. Whether it's an ankle boot or a knee-high shape, the square toe is a modern detail that makes them (and the rest of your outfit) look current but at the same time, they're not so trendy as to become irrelevant any time soon.


From beige and yellow to maroon and chocolate, colored jeans are one of those denim trends that always seem so fun to wear, but in reality, aren't as versatile as classic blue pairs.

Keeping: Charcoal Jeans

While classic blue jeans will always have a place in my denim stack, I'm really drawn to washed black and charcoal hues right now and feel like they're an easy wash to wear with pretty much anything. 

In terms of suiting, it's all about loose and untailored shapes right now, so I ended up saying goodbye to a number of fitted blazers like this dusty pink vintage suit that doesn't fit within this.

Keeping: Boxy Blazers

Instead, boxy blazers and especially double-breasted jackets are winning me over. I love that the oversize look is easy to layer with and looks cool with everything form jeans to dresses to skirts.


I'm trying to steer my closet in a more classic and timeless direction, so I got rid of plenty of trendy basics like tees with cutouts or graphics. Basically, anything that's not a standard crew neck got the boot.

Keeping: Button-Down Shirts

In terms of basic tops, classic button-down shirts are more relevant than ever right now but ultimately are timeless, so I'm holding onto the few I currently own and even eyeing some new ones below.


You probably saw this coming, but with the pandemic keeping us at home, I have basically zero need for heels, and, not to mention, pumps have begun to feel tired even before the pandemic, so it's time to put pumps like this aside and make way for more practical and wearable shoes.

Keeping: Chic Flats

Speaking of wearable shoes, there are so many cool flats right now, and I want them all. Whether it's a pair of chain loafers or pretty clogs (yes, clogs), flats are the shoe category I'm leaning into most right now. 

TBH, I could write an entire story on the jewelry I'm ditching and keeping because my collection is out of control, but for now, I'll keep it straightforward and let you know that heavy statement earrings are what I'm setting aside.

Keeping: Everyday Hoops

everyday hoop earrings



Taking their place are plenty of everyday hoops that are simple and wearable. I have several piercings that I like to create an ear stack with, so I'm always experimenting with little gold hoops and huggies like these.