21 Pieces That Made It From the Black Hole Known as My Shopping Cart to Checkout

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Letting fashion items I'm lusting after pile up in my shopping cart is a professional hazard at this point. After all, I spend a huge part of my day as a fashion writer discovering new brands, looking at fresh arrivals, and deciphering which pieces are worth investing in. You can't blame me a girl for finding more than a few items to add to my own wardrobe, right? Though not every piece makes the cut, there are a select few that make it all the way to checkout.

This summer I've invested in a variety of pieces that range from closet staples to trendy statement pieces. There are linen tops, splashes of tie-dye, beautiful handmade jewelry, sleek sandals, and even a Hawaiian shirt that would make your dad proud. Ahead, see which 21 pieces I took the plunge with for the next few months, and if any of them also happen to resonate with you (I sure hope they do), shop your favorites and get going on the perfect summer look.

This newly launched brand is chock-full of eccentric downtown-inspired pieces that also feel slightly reminiscent of the great outdoors. These shorts will be in my weekly rotation all summer long.

I've been meaning to break out of my all-black eyewear phase, and this olive-hued pair should do the trick.

Taking a break from my oh-so-serious architectural earrings and sliding on these cheeky cherry guys in their place.

My bum has never looked as good as it does in these jeans. Enough said.

Warm weather calls for breezy, romantic tops.

This belt is ideal for cinching around a beach coverup or an oversize poplin shirt.

I'll be styling this polo with long denim cutoffs and a pair of sporty sandals.

The most perfect simply strappy sandals if I do say so myself.

You can't beat the price on these versatile, polished earrings.

My favorite way to style this Hawaiian shirt is with the buttons left undone, a bikini top, and linen shorts. 

My new go-to weekend bag that feels dressy but can also carry all of my essentials.

This is the kind of dress you can throw on with any kind of shoe and leave the apartment feeling put together.

These handmade beauties are in my lobes at least three times a week.

I usually avoid heels, but these suede sandals are exquisitely comfortable and easy to walk around in. Plus, they're super cute, which always helps.

Fun fact: This top can be worn with the ties in front or in the back. Versatility at its finest.

I had been meaning to add a floral wrap dress to my summer wardrobe and now that this minty beauty is in the picture, I'm all set.

Perhaps the prettiest bikini I've ever laid eyes on, HBU?

Wide-leg white jeans should show up in the dictionary when you search "summer style."

Because all glasses should be adorned with beautifully-beaded chains.

A marigold bikini is cause enough to book a tropical vacation in my book.

I've been loving all things daisy print as of late, including this adorable wallet.

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