15 Tie-Dye-Shirt Outfits You Will Actually Like

When you think about tie-dye, high fashion might not be the first thing to come to mind. It's the print of art projects, music festivals, the '60s, and summer camp, but we're here to assure you it's been reimagined.

The colorful swirls have made a comeback in the last couple of seasons and make appearances in the outfits of our favorite style stars, too. From tie-dye shirts paired with classic jeans to print mixing of psychedelic proportions, there are so many fresh and forward ways to wear it. If you want to try out this trend but find yourself scratching your head, below you'll find tie-dye-shirt outfits (and shopping options) that will make you jump on this trend bandwagon ASAP.

Don't shy away from an oversize tye-dye shirt.

Give your tie-dye more personality by styling it with a color-block skirt and red boots.

Keep the tie-dye on the subtle side with a white-and-blue colorway.

Tie-dye button-down shirts can be office-friendly. 

Tie-dye, socks, and sandals: What's not to love?

We're here for this tie-dye-and-hoops pairing.

Not a shirt, but toss a tie-dye coat over your fall outfit. 

Who says you can't mix tie-dye with another print? Or three?

Style a tie-dye sweatshirt with blue jeans for a cool and collected look.

Ease your way into tie-dye by styling it under a cozy cardigan.

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We believe the word groovy applies here.

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