7 Easy Swaps If You Hate Summer Dressing

Sure, at the beginning of every warm-weather season, there may be a few exciting purchases to compose a handful of outfits you just might be excited to wear in the coming months. But let’s be honest: For the most part, dressing for summer is the worst. I mean, how much would you rather be layering to your heart’s content in the easy-to-dress-for, stylish, and comfortable season known as fall? The chillier time allows for leather jackets, ankle boots, dark colors, and everything else a fashion editor loves.

Nonetheless, summer is here, and today we’re going to make it easier (since reluctance can only get you so far). So if, like for me, summer dressing doesn’t exactly come naturally to you, consider this your guide to making it just a little more bearable. With some easy proposed “swaps”—seven, to be exact—we’ll have you feeling like your normal self all season without making you sweat through all your favorite autumn pieces. Scroll through to read about, see, and shop each one!

1. Swap your leather jacket for denim.

Available in sizes 2 to 6.

2. Swap your sweaters for light long sleeves.

3. Swap your black boots for block heels.

4. Swap your coat for a robe jacket.

5. Swap your scarf for a bandana.

6. Swap your leather purse for a basket bag.

7. Swap your wool blazer for linen.

Available in sizes XS to 3X.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.