I'm Not a Sneaker Person, But These Changed My Mind

I almost feel out of touch when I say that I mostly look at sneakers as a practical purchase. I see tons of fellow fashion editors and friends wear casual shoes all the time. And I can’t argue how widely accepted sneakers have become for any and all occasions. But despite how much I love seeing them on others, the truth remains: I’m not a sneaker person.

Sure, I have a small collection for going to the gym, running errands, and occasionally for vacation when I know I have a 20,000-step city tour day ahead of me. But when I truly want to feel put together, sneakers just aren’t a part of my equation. With a few exceptions. I recently scooped up a pair of clean white Vejas because I thought they’d look chic and be comfortable with summer dresses. And once in a while, I’ll even daydream about a particular pair of puffy Acne Studios’ rubber soles that stretch a bit outside my comfort zone (in a good way).

Since I can’t be alone here—I’m speaking to you, fellow sneaker-averse folk—I’ve rounded up some of my favorite summer-ready sneakers that will appeal to even the non-sneakerheads of the bunch.

Consider yourself a more adventurous kicks fan? How many of these sneaker trends have you worn?