"All You Need Is a Light Jacket" Weather Is Here—Shop Our Summer Picks

While summer is the season when most of us are anti-layering, there are still those chillier nights that require a light jacket or coat. The day can start off in the 80s or 90s and then quickly drop to a chilly 60º. With the weather we've been having lately, there's no guarantee that the temps won't be just as moody in the summer as they have been these past few months. To make sure you're prepared for the fluctuating circumstances, I'd recommend getting a summer jacket that you can carry with you to throw on when it does get cooler. As someone who loves layering, I'll take any excuse to pull out a cropped jacket or blazer.

Shopping for a summer jacket isn't an easy feat, as most of the outerwear pages on our favorite retailers' sites are filled with puffers, fleece jackets, and thick coats. Below, we've found 19 styles that are perfect to pair with your warm-weather pieces.

The ruffle detailing makes this so much better than your average cropped jacket.

This will go with anything—trust me.

I know this is a vest and not technically jacket, but how good would it look over a tank and jorts?

I own this, and it feels so light. I can see this over a slip dress or a T-shirt and jeans.

Opt for a lighter shade like lilac so the jacket won't keep you too warm.

Wear it as a top, or pair it with a tank top.

This comes in three shades to choose from.

If you want something that stands out.

Linen is always a good choice in the summertime.

I love this jacket-and-minidress pairing.

You can't go wrong with a classic Levi's denim jacket.

It seems like every summer, gingham pieces are always on fashion girls' radars.

Cropped jackets are perfect layering pieces for summer dresses.